Об Нами (About Us/À Propos)

We are Okwaho Pravda (Okwaho meaning "Wolf" in Kanien'kéha/Mohawk, language of the People of the Land of Flint, Pravda meaning "Truth" in Russian), the official news whilst also political, ideological, communications, diplomatic, international relations, correspondence platform as well as portal of our former People's Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Québec whilst also the First Nations (#FPNRLQPN, Front Populaire National Révolutionnaire pour la Libération du Québec ainsi que des Premières Nations), quietly dissolved in October 2019 to merge its ranks into the Kahnawake Rotiskenrakeh:te (Warrior Society) in addition to the Kanonhsionni'on:we (Longhouse). We are thus the external allies to Kahnawake, a coalition of thousands of disgruntled Québécois, Métis, and other Okwehon:we Traditional Original Nations, whom all thereupon support a renewed reasserted reassumed Nationhood for Kanien'kéhakeh (Land of Flint), including into its fold all of Québec (including Inuit Nunavik, Innu Nitassinan, Labrador/Manganie), Acadie (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick)... with the Tekeni Teioha:te Kayoni (Two-Row Wampum) as pluralist structure of co-existence, with Kaienereko:wa (Great Law) moreover Ahsaré'ko:wa (War Chief) Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall's Rotiskenrakeh:te Handbook as official-national Supreme Law whilst also Guidelines of the Land. We are also the portal for the Pravdaist Communist Party of France in Resistance (Parti Communiste Pravdaïste de la France en Résistance) whose ranks hath also quietly merged away into the Yellow Vests Movement, which we now officially strongly stand for to the hilt. In France, we uphold our royal-noble blooded Southern Métis (of Native Indigenous Kalinago-Carib First Nation) by blood whilst also birthright General-Secretary, Great Confederative War Chief Oniehte Okwaho (meaning "Snow Wolf" in Kanien'kéha language) (also known as Rafiq al-Taneen (Comrade Dragon in Arabic), D'Artagnan Vercingétorix, Vladimir Velikayavich-Zaitsev-Zorrov-Sergeyev, Kamerat Njördr Gandalf, amongst other aliases)'s Fifth Political Theory, whose version adapted for France is called Pravdaism (Pravdaïsme). We furthermore support all 25 point demands moreover also grievances of the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) Movement, we support Alain Soral, we support Youssef Hindi, we support Alain de Benoist, we support Eric Zemmour, we support Marion Sigaut, we support Dr. Ariane Bilheran, we support Dr. Judith Reisman, we support Jacob Cohen, we support the Antigones Movement led by Anna Trewby, we support Imran Hosein, we support Darbois Lounès, we support Dieudonné, we support Félix Nietzsche, we support La Manif Pour Tous, we call for a Genuine Left of the Proletariat with a Genuine Traditional Conservative Right of Morality, with Revolutionary Self-Reliant Nationalism in France, Decolonisation of Mentality as well as System, withdrawal from NATO and EU and UN, withdrawal from WHO, withdrawal from all globalist treaties, re-alignment with Eurasia, Tricontiental, Silk Road. We support the RIC (Référendum Initiative Citoyenne, Citizen's Referendum Initiative) in which a more participative democratisation would materialise alongside a form of Centralised Planning. In Karukéra (meaning "Land of Pristine Waters" in Ancient Kalinago-Carib Okwenhon:we), Oniehte Okwaho's birthplace, we are closely linked to the UPLG (People's Union for the Liberation of Guadeloupe) which is led by our colleague in struggle Gaston Samut, moreover we promote a variant of the Fifth Political Theory adapted to Karukéra's circumstances, as well as Kalinago-Carib, Taino, Arawak roots. In Kanien'kéhakeh we doth not see the need for the Fifth Political Theory, for Kaienere'ko:wa, alongside the Rotiskenrakeh:te Handbook as well as Tekeni Teiohate Kayoni, already fulfill much of the ideological ideals enshrined in our Fifth Political Theory including a form of Warrior, Martyr spirit on the nation-wide level, although nonetheless, on other matters, the Fifth Politcal Theory definitely kicks in moreover applies hither too. In Germany, Belgium, Italy, Britain, Ireland we also support their respective Yellow Vests Movements, as is the case for the one in Serbia against NATO-EU globalist occupation moreover also yoke. We are also deeply involved in the Arabian Peninsula Liberation Movement (APLM), a huge movement in the tens of thousands of supporters including dissident insiders from within the Saudi military, political, diplomatic establishments, co-founded by Oniehte Okwaho, by ex-General (of Saudi Army) M. Dakheel al-Qahtani, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr (executed, martyred by the regime in 2015), moreover also Oniehte Okwaho's former original fiancée dissident Princess Jawaher benta (daughter of) Abdullah Abdelaziz Abderrahman bin Faisal bin Turki ibn al-Saud (disappeared in thin air, censored completely from communicating with the outside world, since early 2015, with her sisters Sahar, Maha, Hala also having their fates unknown to this day... with their mum Alanoud Daham Bakheet al-Fayez also confirmed to hath vanished in recent years). Anything from our colleagues of the APLM we shalt publish onto our website hitherto as well. Lastly, we strongly stand with the Axis of Résistance across the Eurasian-Tricontinental nation-states, governments, political organisations, struggles, peoples, moreover also with all our Okwehon:we, Métis, Québécois, Acadien, Cajun, Porto Rican etcetera Nations in Turtle Island. French, Russian, Kanien'kéha, Arabic versions of this text shalt eventually be released in due time. Forward to the Finalised Victory! Constitutionalism alongside much of the aforementioned is centralised elemental importance to the Fifth Political Theory/Thought//Way. In improves upon Aleksandr Dugin's ideals, as well as those of Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi, the aforementioned abovementioned others, in addition to many others like-minded too. It enshrines furthermore something even deeper than mere ideology also, INCLUDING: the Alpha Warrior Spirit in Real Men, the defence of Straight Human Nature, of Straight Natural Manhood in Real Men, Straight Natural Ladyhood in Real Ladies, Childhood Innocence, Traditional Morality, Straight Faithful Traditional Marriage between Real Man moreover His Real Lady or Ladies as Faithful-to-himself-only Wife or Wives, Parental Rights Prevalence, ancestral rights, customary rights, traditional rights, customary rights, natural rights, God-Given rights, Morality, Traditional Straight Family, Nuclear Straight Family, defence of Spirituality (recognising especially the IRREFUTABLE TRUTHS IN Christian, Twelver Shia Muslim, Celtic Leinster Mesgegra Curse, as well as those of our Native Indigenous First Nations especially the Mayan Calendar, the Anishinabek Seventh Fire New People, the Inca Condor-to-Eagle Prophecy, Oniehte's Kalinago (Carib) people's Prophecies on Retribution in end of times, so forth), cures against endocrine disruptor obfuscations, natural immunisation for health AGAINST Big Pharma, gun rights, OPPOSING Big Tech, FIGHTING AGAINST globalist cabalist politics, OPPOSING degeneracy, OPPOSING "New Age" type controlled oppositions. Stalin is seen, rightly so, as the ONLY MAIN ANTI-REVISIONIST COMMUNIST WORTHY OF PRAISE, RESPECT, HONOUR, CONTINUITY.


Trotskyist, woketard, liberast, Zionist, misandric, globalist, covidian, cabbalist, "gender" endocrine disruptor obfuscated "leftism", as well as fake "right-wing" similars, WE OPPOSE.


Nihilistic centrism, WE OPPOSE.