Ahsáre'kó:wa Oniehte Okwahó (Snow Wolf) digs out dirty little secrets regarding Justin Trudeau's father, regarding Canadian violations of it's own laws, and more. Our Patriotes and Warriors at 15 February 2020!

Preamble: What people do not realise about the Trudeau dynasty, is the extent of their criminal nature. Callsign Oniehte Okwahó (Snow Wolf) makes further interesting revelations. The subjects to be covered, are abuse within the military as well as police; P. E. Trudeau's secrets, Canadian legal contradictions, constitutional swindling, in addition to Montreal Gazette whilst also La Presse, their forgotten histories. Dennis Etler has further interviewed Snow Wolf on those subjects on PressTV (article link here: https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/02/23/619346/First-Nations-in-Canada-are-in-the-forefront-of-global-resistance-to-neocolonialism-and-imperialism), subsequent to a shorter interview in French by Journal De Metro (article link here:​ https://journalmetro.com/actualites/montreal/2419600/blocus-sur-la-ligne-candiac-nous-pourrions-rester-des-semaines-voire-des-mois/).




Most people have a fallacious view of so-called "Canada". However the truth, could not be further from this misconception. Tonnes of newcomers get swindled into believing this false image. It's time I believe to get some facts out there. I am also disappointed with Facebook for closing down my other accounts, thus removing some of my important content. Although my "Rafiq al-Taneen" account remains up and running, the Arabic nickname that my girlfriend Princess Jawaher used to know me by on Twitter, FB, Skype etcetera. Regarding my #LiberalismIsNazism content it is still up on my VKontakte account since FB closed the other account "oniehte.okwaho" down.​


One of my Québécois comrades, an ex-mechanic on the Canadian colonial navy, had revealed to me how whence his ship had gone to Europe in the mid-1970s, had docked in Sweden or so, moreover corrupted crewmen went out to bring aboard a local girl that they gang-raped. Another fact revealed to me by him, was during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. Ottawa had mobilised more troops into Québec than it had during 1970 War Measures Act where it's military occupation arrested without warrant nor due process, searched without warrant moreover tortured tens upon thousands of Québécois. In 1976 it was just as bad in a sense. The regime has similar ideas.​


Montreal was up in protest against the regime. As a result, without even invoking "War Measures", the State got to work on repressing the Québec nationalists as well as communists. Immigrants sympathising with the cause were harrassed moreover met by RCMP agents whom threatened to remove their citizenships or residency permits if they either did not leave Montreal during that period or did not agree to become informants inside. These being information from other credible sources. Including an author victim of such incidents.


Our ex-Navy mechanic comrade further revealed that in 1976, there were military exercises in which he had to participate, where his cousin in the army artillery, also had to partake. The exercises were a gruesome reminder of Robert Borden's brutalising repression of peaceful Québécois anti-war protests in 1917-1918 during the Conscription Crisis, where PM Borden sent out two Toronto regiments armed to the teeth to suppress the movement utilising live ammunition. Several protesters were killed, dozens were fatally injured. In 1976 drills, the military had troops in all branches play either the role of protesters, or of firing squads aiming to kill.


During the Olympics the State had even put snipers atop buildings in Montreal on patrol. Similarly, early this week on Monday February 25th 2020, we documented cases of a SWAT sniper unit atop buildings in Ottawa as a huge protest supporting the pro-Wet'suwet'en barricades marched into town. Our ex-Navy mechanic friend was a witness of the morbidity of his days. He eventually later on in 1976 talked with other army folks as well as with a university professor about to discuss what had transpired. Almost all present swore to disobey orders if it came down that they would be ordered to shoot on the people. The professor was grateful.


In March of 2016, the same month of a protest organised by the Tous Unis Contre le Gouvernement Couillard (TUCGC) anti-austerity group in which our own ranks participated in including myself in downtown Montreal, one of our military insiders in CFB Bagotville took to the TUCGC Facebook group page at the time to warn us that a worrisome yearly exercise had taken place in which the military was planning a scenario wherein they would suppress any large-scale Québécois or Ohnkwehónwe uprising, even if peaceful by nature. This of course unfortunately was not revealed by our dishonest Canadian and Quebecois media.​


However it is true, yet such nefarious designs would be easily opposed by most of our sympathising supporters within the military or amongst the peelers (Irish expression for police). In fact, it should not be'eth a shame to want to become a mutineer. In France alone,​ several top-level military Generals (including Christophe Gomart (whom denounced the false NATO Russia-bashing narrative regarding Ukraine), Christian Piquemal (whom joined Act 4 of Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protesters to support them), Vincent Desportes (whom slammed the USA for creating Daesh/ISIS), Henri Poncet whom denounced manipulative media narratives) are amongst those examples.​


Other ordinary military both veterans or active duty in their thousands, dissenting peelers in their thousands including "Policiers en Colère" and "Alliance National" trade unions, paramedics, firemen, doctors, nurses, students, professors, youth, elderly, intellectuals, tax collectors, small businesses, lawyers, state attorneys, etcetera hath joined the protests en masse against the corrupt, morally insolvent, dehumanising, nihilistic, profiteering, regime. Many surveys point out that 60-90% of France in its tens upon millions, support the Gilets Jaunes, Manif Pour Tous, Antigones movements including immigrants regardless of faith nor origin for that matter.


In Saudi Arabia, an embassy is on our side. A former army General, M. D. Qahtani, with whom I correspond daily, whom has massive popular support in KSA, also is on our side. My girlfriend former dissident Princess Jawaher al-Saud also is with her three sisters, although as we know their fate has been unknown since 2015. Historically, 70% of the Canadian military opposed Robert Borden's 1918 invasion of the USSR, some to the point of organising mutinies shortly later on brutally suppressed. Yves Engler mentioned this in his "Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy". Dissident Canadian army officer Scott Taylor also talks about it in his article "On Target: War is never Glorious" on his website Esprit De Corps. This is fact again.​


In 1950-1960s hundreds of French military forces defected to join the Algerian FLN including my paternal grandfather. In Vietnam more than 55 000 Yankee soldiers defected over to Vietnam, classed back at home as "MIA". In DPRK several former British and Yankee (USA)​ troops refused to return home preferring their new lives. Today too the movement of dissident is strong. Tulsi Gabbard was herself an army veteran before dissenting to run for the presidency this Annum in 2020. In her recent Los Angeles City Hall appearance earlier this week, she replied that troops hath the right to reject illegal or immoral orders. In Ukraine,​ UNIAN article from 2015 or so confirmed more than 15 000 peelers defected over to join Novorossiya's rebellion. Other sources also confirmed hundreds of Ukrainian military personnel including admirals and generals, quitting to support the rebellion.​


Other examples in the USA include Abby Martin's boyfriend Mike Prysner. In the Zionist regime entity besides Miko Peled whilst also his father General Mattiyahou Peled, there is the sizable IDF movement "Breaking the Silence", there is ex-Mossad agent Viktor Ostrovski, there is also dozens of reservists back in 2014 whom wrote a manifesto against following orders,​ plus I know personally dozens in IDF,​ including an IDF reservist lady whom used to be fanatic pro Zionist till she talked to me in private yet whose name I shalt omit to protect her freedom and her position within the military.​


Other military insiders confirmed this to us as well. In addition, historical cases also corroborate this. In 1972, "Neat Pitch" occurred. It was leaked out by René Marcel Sauvé. However the perfidious PQ under René Lévesque refused to even form a defence committee to address such threats. In 1995, Jean Chrétien was poised to doing the same thing threatening to occupy Québec in case Jacques Parizeau won his referendum for nationhood. A former friend of ours that died the 4th of November 2018, Maître (MD) Richard Le Hir, revealed more.


He was a former minister under Parizeau. His task was to organise a study to prove the economic viability of an independent nation-state here. It was supposed to last till 1998 the original year set for the referendum. What happened is what Mr Le Hir called "the lobsters' affair", in which "lobsters" Jean-François Lisée, Lucien Bouchard, amongst other federalist collaborators within the PQ, emerged to pressurise Parizeau to stage referendum earlier moreover to force him out of PQ party leadership. Later the Zionist entity consul in Montreal also got involved. Ottawa of course, got involved in destabilising the referendum by getting the media to demonise it, by organising "love-ins" with taxpayers money, amongst other things that manipuled,​ rigged the referendum.​


Later in 2018-2019, Albertan Yellow Vests were ironically seen holding placards saying "Quebecers were right! Sorry for the 1995 love-in!". Further meddling, threats, propaganda from Ottawa, Washington DC, London, Chirac led Paris, Berlin amongst others, added to sinking the 1995 referendum. Finally, 56 000 people were sped to citizenship in exchange for an oath to vote "no" to nationhood in Québec. This is all illegal activity! From a strictly objective legal point of view, Ottawa frauded the referendum and violated it's own rules.


Ex-FLQ member, journalist Pierre Schneider revealed on Vigil Québec in 2017, in autumn, how Daniel Johnson Senior's girlfriend revealed compelling circumstantial evidence with her own anecdote about his suspicious death in 1968. They both got poisoned from a drink they drank in a meeting. Daniel died of the poison, she narrowly survived it. The RCMP branch later to become SCRS/CSIS is the prime suspect in question. Pierre is a friend too. A good Patriote although not always informed regarding foreign affairs questions. Most Québécois are unable to shape a proper view of th world because the sell-out media lies systematically.


The same in English Canada. For more cases of historical repression exercises we can look at the military's 1994 "Scorpion-Saxon" attack plans against Kanien'kéhá Ohnkwehónwe territories of Akwasane, Kahnawake, Kanehsatake. In 2004, a putsch attempt by the violently corrupt pro-Ottawa faction of RCMP whilst also SQ peelers that swooped in to impose upon Kanehsatake despotic band council figure James Gabriel, with two thuggish Iraq War veterans from US Army as sidekicks. For all the talk about Mafia, KKKanada has actually been the REAL Mafia.


The Rotiskenrakehte (Warrior Society) of Kanehsatake with massive local ordinary support, with reinforcements from Kahnawake Peacekeepers officers, with Kahnawake Rotiskenrakehte sent out by chiefs and clan mothers (including my clan mother of adoption Lynne), mobilised to help the community in Kanehsatake kick James Gabriel out. A civil war raged in the village for months in 2004, killing and wounding on both sides, threatening to spill over elsewhere. In 2008, as discovered by professor Todd Gordon author of "Imperialist Canada", war criminal (exposed by Ontario lawyer Christopher Black) "national hero" General and, Senator Roméo Dallaire was planning to attack several of our Ohnkwehónwe Native Nations. So nothing has changed​


In 2008, corrupt SQ elements aligned with colonial authority attacked Lac Barrière First Nation to impose a foreign leadership however the community resisted. In other similar standoffs we must recall Oka 1990 where Waneek Horn-Miller was stabbed by army thuggish elements, 1995 Lake Gustafsen, 1990s Ipperwash in Ontario, 2006 provocations against Kanehsatake, the warplanes incursion that was intercepted by Kahnawake with the captive crews well treated, 1981 Listuguj, 1972 cases, suppression of Riel's Métis, suppression of Great Chief Pontiac's rebellion, 1979 Wounded Knee, etcetera. Now we see this against the Wet'suwet'en. We saw it in Tyendinaga with the OPP.


Regarding our dissidents, insiders in the Canadian regime entity military, SQ, SPVM, SPVQ, RCMP, we definitely hath a sizeable number of them on our side here in Québec. Some of them told us either verbally, by e-mail or through secured channels, they prefer to side with We the People rather than with politicians. They also informed to me especially, of other internal cases of abuse within their institutions. During a certain wave of anti-communist purges in Canada, from Padlock Law 98 to 1950-1980s, there were many. A neighbour of mine that was ex-RCMP Dorval told me about corruption amongst the airport agents. He told me also how they and Montreal peelers beat up people in the past.


Other insiders told me that SPVM PDQ #4 had a reputation of hanging protesters up the ceilings in chain to thence humiliate moreover beat up with batons. In SPVM Nicolet Academy, there is an odd initiation where peelers are made to endure peppersprays supposedly to "resist" these chemicals. This is odious in my view. There are also endless cases of sexual abuse, of intimidation, of abuse of power within ranks of peelers as well as military personnel all across the board! I read about, moreover was personally made aware of, many such nefarious incidents. Then we go into the veterans.


Most veterans generally do not get what they truly merit, as I explained in my other interview from February the 23rd. This applies in all NATO-EU countries, to the Zionist entity even (where I know a dozen of IDF dissenters some of whom are now in Breaking The Silence movement). In the USA, I had helped a Cherokee vet get the help he needs, after weeks of pressure from my end, from his sister Willow, as well as from other contacts. We also called Tulsi Gabbard to ask for her help. Our Kanonsionni'ón:we (Longhouse) in Kahnawake, plus journalists in The Eastern Door too were made aware of the case. We ended up getting the veteran some concrete help.


Now we shalt get to other Canadian violations of both their own laws as well as international law. First I must commence by saying that, above all, with centuries of infamy, perfidy as well as genocide, so-called Canada violated their hosts, our Okwehón:we Nations, especially the Two-Row Wampum, the most important convention regarding coexistence, as well as our Kaienere'kó:wa (Great Law) in addition to being disrespectful towards our Warrior tradition by criminalising what has been our military, our way, for time immemorial. Ahsáre'kó:wa (War Chief) Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall put these principles together.


Into his Warrior Handbook. Now, our traditional laws, naturally present within our instincts for tens upon thousands of years, long before our Haudenosaunee Confederacy was founded to officialise this into stitched Wampums or oral tradition, long before it all got transcribed into writing by anyone, our Hearts, our Souls, the Spirits of our Ancestors, the Spirits of this Land, had guided us in our careful ways. Our Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy had lands stretching across the Great Lakes region, into Northern USA, hunting grounds running up to Greater Montreal area, influence stretching as far south as Florida with other fellow Okwehónwe Nations.


We had a population in the millions before the genocidal colonisation. Now, regarding Canadian violation of its own laws... There's a long history of this as well! Just on the issue of arming Wahhabi takfiri Saudi Arabia's military with tens of billions of dollars worth in armoured vehicles and rifles, in arming the Zionist entity with drones amongst other arms as researched by several including Yves Engler's book "Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid), in exporting AGM-65 Maverick bombs to Bahrain's al-Khalifah repressive regime (SIPRI report)... Or arms and troops to back Nazi Ukraine...


In which we got at least two videos of evidence of Canadian military presence in Dokuchayevsk on our end, testimonies from our JTF2 insiders, as well as from mechanised units former and active servicemen including a Cherokee-Irish friend of ours by Callsign Casper, plus photos documented from April 2018 in which war crimes were committed by indiscriminate shelling. Civilian victims were found. The original source of the photos are friends on Twitter whom passed around these documentations. Ottawa lately has also been nefarious to the Philippines where Duterte had enough to the point of cancelling helicopter purchases moreover threaten war if Ottawa did not stop dumping rubbish there.


Regarding the arms as well as military support, Daniel Turp a Montreal lawyer was trying to sue Ottawa for violating its own E-19/C-47 conventions which banned arms to countries involved in human rights violations. A BC superior court ruling in the past did recognise the Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs in their claims of 22 000 square kilometres of traditional sovereign land, in proving their nationhood moreover that Ottawa had no jurisdiction there. Supreme Court did rule at some point too giving traditional hunting, fishing rights, which are alas still violated by the State's paramilitary forces.


Louis Riel, Métis Chief, was hanged by John A. MacDonald, whom, as I quote again, said, "even if all the dogs of Québec were to bark", despite Riel being so broken down by horrible prison treatment, despite prior mental illness, violating a traditional convention of not executing mentally ill. Similarly I was thrown to jail twice despite me being Aspergers sufferer, the treatment I got combined with other past injustices in my life gave me my post-traumatic stress disorder. I am gradually healing thanks to Kahnawake as well as my insiders in public Québec healthcare giving me natural remedies as per my request, however not all traumas will go away easily.


It might take me a long time. Recently other cases too exist nation-wide. Plus more famously known, Comrade Meng Wanzhou, Huawei head, was also severely mistreated in detention. Her lawyers are mounting a lawsuit against the feds over this, let alone the many false charges laid upon her, stemming from imperialist conflicts against both the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the People's Republic of China, longtime victims of the genocidal colonialist imperialist capital-oriented nihilist West. I have talked to the Chinese consulate in Montreal to offer to support Meng Wanzhou's lawsuit, I am writing up a report to give them to utilise.


Other violations regard human rights violations at home as well. In terms of international law, obviously we can say UNGA Resolution 2200A (articles 10 sections 1 & 3, article 11, article 12), the UN Convention on Genocide, the Geneva Conventions, the UN Universal Charter (articles 1 and 51 in which they deny our rights to self-defence in addition to self-determination), plus of course the UN Indigenous Rights conventions. All were ratified on federal as much as provincial level yet violated.


Constitutional swindling... Has been exposed by many brave folks here. Eugénie Brouillet in her book "La Négation de la Nation", Russell Rogers Smith, Doug Force, amongst others including backbencher honest MP in Ottawa, Walter Frederick Kuhl, whom most famously wrote a well researched whilst also documented letter to René Lévesque debunking "Canada" moreover its mythological legitimacy. Even a child analysing the basic facts would recognise that something is seriously wrong here.


We all know that in 1763 Letters' Patent and Royal Proclamation Acts, provisions were made to assure Kanien'kéhá:ka (People of Flint/Mohawks) nation-state, as well as their own English etcetera subjects, regarding the military government imposed over Québec, amongst other things. Many of those assurances would be violated yet there is more. Later would come the 1774-1791 Acts of Québec without popular consent (just as "Canada" was an imposed name) plus surrounding injustices including the repatriation of Ontarian debt over to Québec, giving the "province" a difficult head start.


Similarly, First Nations were swindled with much stolen trust fund money redirected elsewhere, or unequal agreements that indebted as well. Each year also, to this day, the Québécois lose $57 billion to Ottawa in money taken by the feds. A collossal sum! Now, into further constitutional swindling. In 1840 comes the Act of Union as response to the recently suppressed Patriotes as well as to the Lord Durham report in which the federal structure was to be designed in order to drown Québécois, Métis, full-blooded Okwehónwe into a British-colonised state with majority of English provinces with sway.


This also happened to the great distaste of English Maritime provinces in former Acadie as well, just as the 1867 British North America Act (BNA) would swindle just about everyone, French, English, Native alike, without democratic consent, as an order in council by the British Crown with the perfidious "accommodated" Patriots. Keep in mind that those whom were not "accommodated" were hanged. Louis Riel whom fought for our rights was hanged too. Pontiac as I recall, as well. Kanien'kéhá Great Chief Sose Onasakenrat was unjustly imprisoned. Ronald Cross (Callsign Lasagna)​ too was victim of the system. His main lawyer Hélène Sévigny wrote about it all in her book "Lasagna: L'Homme derrière le masque".


He was the mentor of Louis Riel. Chief John Tootoosis had to deal with the "pass system" as well as imprisonment many times let alone kangaroo courts. He is an inspiration to me, his long walks in freezing winter or hot summers to meet with other First Nations to wake them up, inspired me to walk to Kahnawake at times as well by long risky marchrs on the highways. Wet'suweten'en Shay Shay has also been doing it with her walking cane this winter. Endless other cases of repression and resistance exist here. Next swindle is the 1889 Interpretations.


This Act was passed in London by its parliament. It basically contradicts the 1867 BNA Act by proclaiming so-called "Canada" to still be a colony! If people at the time had paid attention to this they would have been in the streets back then to denounce this perfidious swindling ratified by Ottawa! Next swindle was the 1893 Statutory Revision Act which removed the British Crown from the 1867 Act after Queen Victoria was to die. De jure since that point Ottawa had no monarchy. However, let's also not forget the institutionalisation of genocide through the illegitimate "Indian Act", "Gradual Civilisation Act", C-36 Law criminalising rhe most resilient rebellious First Nations amongst its blacklist, amongst other such laws.


In 1931 comes the next swindle. Hitler-sympathiser (and let's not forget Shah Pahlavi's father, and general Zahedi were also such, moreover the Abwehr/RRHA/Gestapo were the first to train the SAVAK before the CSIS/SCRS (mentioned in Yves Engler's "Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy"), MI5/MI6, CIA, DGSE, BND, AIVD, Mossad etcetera all did) William Lyon Mackenzie King would get across the notorious Statute of Westminster. This supposedly abolished all prior acts, with the intention even of confederating, of organising constitutional conventions in each province to decide whether or not to confederate and remain in "Canada".


The truth is... This would never materialise into occurance. On top of this, King goes to London to get this Statute ratified both by the British Crown as well as Parliament in spite of the 1893 Act removing the monarchy moreovee the 1931 Statute supposedly further going down that road! Of course there was the unlawful bloody despotic 1917-1918 Conscription Crisis in addition to the one in 1942-1944 where Québecer Georges Guenette was murdered by RCMP peelers, let alone suppression of 1918 mutinies within the military, or the 1970 "War Measures Act", let alone the illegal taxation that continued even after wartime till it became official in the undemocratic Income Tax Act 1948...


However there is more! The 1763 LP/RP Acts as well as 1867 BNA Act were resurrected yet again contradictorally then rehashed multiple times in 1939, 1940, 1961, 1965, 1970s... Thenceforth, ultimately, in 1982, P. E. Trudeau passes his "Canada Act" without Québec's signature, without democratuc consultation neither with our Okwehónwe nations's traditional leaders nor the ordinary people, preferring to bribe or coerce the corrupt "band councils" over instead. This perpetuated a political conflict in our First Nations continuing to this day, except in Kahnawake where even band council chief Joe Norton, Peacekeeper peeker Chief Dwanye Zacharie, as well as others are supporting our Warriors, Longhouse in addition to our barricades.


Kahnawake is strong, united. Nothing shalt ever break this community that has such a backbone. Regarding 1982's supposed "Repatriation", it was actually the opposite. Why would ye claim to bring back constitutional sovereignty, whilst go swear allegiance to a foreign head of state (British Crown) to get approval for it even though de jure London passed the 1893 Statutory Revision Act? Afterwards, P. E. Trudeau got the 1985-1987 "Governor Generals' Acts" in, whilst later on, Brian Mulroney got the 1992 "Royal Titles and Styles Act" bringing back monarchy. Again, undemocratically, illegally. John Turner also warned Parizeau and Mulroney not to go forth with NAFTA, which would Americanise our economy.


They all nonetheless went ahead with it, liberals and Tories and NDP alike in Ottawa, similarly so in the provinces. John Diefenbaker laid off 15 000 employees moreover brutally closed down the Avro CF-105 Arrow project in favour of catering up to the wallets of the USA to procure their junkmail despite the CF-105 having potential equal to a MiG-25. Some engineers went underground to continue work on the CF-105, some of whom I came to know via a military enthusiast website online where I befriended some. This is just some of so much swindling.


Justin Trudeau with Chrystia Chomiak Freeland (granddaughter of Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Mykhailo Chomiak), signed a new NAFTA with Donald Trump which would further threaten our agricultural local industries here, would allow Monsanto to monopolise seeds with GMOs, would permit continued violations on the people and land. Our water, land, food is already poisoned as it stands. Other inhumane laws passed undemocratically include Padlock Law 98, Ontario Law 89, the Sixties Scoop, C-26, C-44, C-51, Bill C-42 of making "war zones" (not passed de jure, yet in practise de facto with "exclusion zones" declared against Wet'suwet'en sovereign territories), legalisation/monopolisation/banalisation of pot (despite warnings from healthcare professionals as well as running in opposition to our Native ways and our sovereignty), Ontario Ruling 17...


Québec law 70, the "special laws" against trade unions, "Foster care" centres, sanatoriums and "residential schools", "Duplessis orphans", MKUltra, introduction of Alfred C. Kinsay's vile ideology... Amongst other things, targeting the proletariat, targeting parenthood, targeting straight human nature, targeting childhood innocence, targeting faithful marriage, as well as seeking to breakdown our traditional nuclear families... Ontario's Ford, has also passed laws with Justin Trudeau's backing. Philippe Couillard here in Québec too. Hugely.


The effect has been destructive on the poor, homeless, retired, unemployed, mentally or physically ill, on the weak, as well as above all on our First Nations. Marie-Claude Montpetit also talked about a scandalous human trafficking programme on the federal level, stuff that could get at least sixty politicians behind bars. For this she has gone through kangaroo courts, slander moreover worse. Pierre Vallières, for writing "White Negroes of America" comparing Québécois and Native plight to the plight of Africans, Asians amongst others, got imprisoned by Judge Yves Leduc for "sedition".


The juries refused to condemn him thus kangaroo court approach was done to him. I went through similar woes myself, as have many others. Other better known victims of this rigged system, include Pierre Bedard back in the 1800s, Honoré Mercier whose life was destroyed by Tories hostile to his name, Yves Michaud (falsely accused of anti-Semitism, his story explained in 7th of January Vigil Québec interview plus in his book "The Reasons for Anger" (Les Raisons de la Colère) written in French), Meng Wanzhou, hanged or exiled 1837-1838 Patriots, Great Chief Sose Onasakenrat, Riel...


Now we must get into the dirty Trudeau secrets. Several false flags, media smears, actual repression, moreover manipulations surround how that family with its fellow liberal, Tory, NDP etcetera mobsters; has managed not only to keep power, however also to fill up their bank accounts on this power. Tactics pitting women against real men, tactics dividing Québec along sectarian or racial lines, tactics meant to infiltrate thence subvert the real Left, tactics meant to subvert the traditional non-fascist moralist right, tactics aimed at demonising and smearing genuine opponents of this colonial entity, and more.


Usurping the Native cause by subverting it ideologically with Soros (whom is already known for his hand in destabilising Syria, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Libya, amongst others as much as John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bernard Henri Levy have), Greta (partially debunked by Naomi Seibt, by documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle), Trudeau machinations, attempts at excessively overestimating the CO2 problem; despite other far deadlier greenhouse gases, industrial toxins, in the air, let alone, the pollutants in our air and water, soil, and food including radon, TTEs, mercury, PCBs, lead, arsenic, uranium dumps, aluminium, hormonal meds, other pharmaceutical dumps, heavy metals, pesticides, glysophates... Etcetera.


Max whilst also Monique Nehmi, have written a book titled "Young Trudeau", which had attracted little public attention let alone media coverage. The two historians appear in a picture with their main subject, P. E. Trudeau, at the rear cover of the book. This is an uncensored collection of shocking facts regarding the Trudeau thuggish dynasty, that P. E. Trudeau had neither remorse nor shame giving to the authors! In that book we shalt see his ideological evolution from a fascist/Nazi inspired by Trotsky's controversial thuggish methods (including blowing up electric power plants) of taking power to fusioning that fascist/Nazi/Trotskyite behavioural-ideological background alongside his newly acquired liberal, Zionist mentalities, resulting in his contradictory "multiculturalism", highly nihilist in nature as well.


At the same, we can observe how he discarded so easily the only things he was right about, id est, the national language, cultural spiritual identity, moralitu, traditional family, demographic struggle. Those good things were completely abandoned by Trudeau Senior because he became part of the same neoliberal nihilistic colonial clique bent on destabilising, sterilising, demoralising, uprooting, dispossessing, smearing, subverting, corrupting their targets and opponents, at home as much as abroad. This same Trudeau had a secret society called the "LX", whose continued existence is neither confirmed nor denied by the Trudeaus, neither father nor sons.


At some point the parliament in Ottawa did convene to organising a hearing on that matter. Pierre-Eliot Trudeau simply acknowledged to the facts without any remorse whatsoever. The parliament and establishment turned a blind eye, never prosecuting nor impeaching this thuggish State terrorist once! As for his reasons for adopting Zionism (which is just as bad as Nazism, or other forms of sectarianism let alone racism as the Soviet Union rightly puts out in its former UN Resolution "Zionism is Racism"), he feigns "learning about atrocities done to Jews" as the reason for "seeing the light", despite those crimes being heavily mediatised in the world after the war. This is how we should read this truthfully.


This is the Trudeau clique, state terrorists that thereafter smear moreover criminalise their opponents! Jacques Parizeau (whom I occasionally criticise where I see he made errors), did write also in his book "La Souveraineté du Québec: Hier, Aujourd'hui et Demain", that P. E. Trudeau even tried to ban Québécois and First Nations History courses in schools because "they create separatists". This is rhetoric no better than Zionist regime entity lexicon as justification to erase Palestinian history, or for that matter, Euromaidan Neo-Nazi Ukraine's own rhetoric demonising Russo-Ukrainian Novorossiya People's Republics of Donetsk whilst also Lugansk...


This, despite Ukraine historically having been the Cradle of Russia, with Kiev being the first Russian capital, defended by Tsar Svyatoslav Igorevich the Brave whose armies crushed numerous raids from the once feared Khazar Empire, a major power back in the day. Moreover as one can clearly see, Novorossiya as we'll as Crimea leaving Ukraine hath been modest ambitions compared to the capacity (Russia) that those local folks could call upon for help to take everything else if they insisted.​


Pierre Dubuc, chief editor of L'Aut'Journal, writes in his well documented book "Le Québec et la Nouvelle Donne Internationale", how P. E. Trudeau was after the original criminal responsible for the illegal perfidious dissolution of the Soviet Union, in which 6-10 million people would die in the 1990s under the Gorbachev-Yeltsin oligarchic regimes according to many sources including a Lancet Study published on Daily-Kos, amongst other devastating effects. This despite 76,4% of the Soviet peoples voting to keep the Soviet communist system as well as borders intact unscathed.


This in the 17th of March 1991 referendum on the question. The plebiscite ignored, the oligarchs signed the Belazhyova Accords to dissolve the Soviet Union later that year, brutally suppressed popular resistance in August 1991, November 1991, September-October 1993, etcetera utilising tools including the newly formed brutal OMON. Trudeau met Gorbachev's principle ideologue, Aleksandr Yakovlev, Soviet ambassador in Ottawa, to corrupt his feeble mind in favour of neoliberalism. Any other contribution to this coming from the likes of George Soros, Paul Wolfowitz, Tony Blair, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, amongst others came afterwards. Yeltsin's even more despotic behaviour was further worsened by the Western media calling for the "Pinochet option", and the "Chicago Boys".


We can go even further to debunk the Trudeaus. All the liberal agendas we are now faced with have been thoroughly researched, exposed, debunked,​ denounced by Dr. Galima Galiullina, Anna Gihchkina, Dr. Michelle Cretella, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Dr. Ariane Bilheran, Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall, Paul Blanshard, Youssef Hindi, Virginie Vota, Alain Soral, Alain de Benoist, Eric Zemmour (in his book "Le Premier Sexe"), Historian Marion Sigaut, Historian Andrei Fursov, Historian Anatoly Vassermann, Aleksandr Dugin, David Leroux, Richard Le Hir, Pierre Vallières, Yves Michaud, Dr. Michael Jones, Naomi Seibt, Imran Hosein in Malaysia by Khamenei and Khomeini themselves, by Vladimir Putin, by Ramzan Kadyrov, by Darbois Lounès, in LeJournal DePersonne French video "Liberate yourselves from liberalism", Félix Nietzsche, etcetera.


Dissident French scientist Jacques Testart further points out another real ecological disaster, corroborated by certain factual documentaries here as well from years ago, about certain pollutants in our water that are cause emasculation and sterilisation. This, added with systemic policies of the sort wrought upon Métis, Québécois, Native Okwehónwe alike. These amongst so many more forgotten, unspoken crimes here. Now we must dig into Montreal Gazette's ironic behaviour. It has slandered me, has slandered others as well in the past. However in reality, it is the guilty party in itself.


Back in the 1849 Montreal Racial Riots against Quebecers, Montreal Gazette was inciting people to assemble at Place D'Armes committing them to many acts of racial nature leading eventually to the burning down of the Montreal era parliament in April of 1849. La Presse went from being a true Patriotic revolutionary outlet defending real hero Louis Riel in radical articles even as he got hanged... To becoming today's rapacious, Trotskyist, federalist, slanderous, defaming, smearing, liberal La Presse. A sad devolution noted in Norman Lester's books.


Canadian foreign policy has been disastrous all across the boards. Yves Engler's "Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy" for example notes how Ottawa under Robert Borden not only invaded the USSR thus being guilty partakers in killing millions of Soviet civilians including in atrocities such as Winston Churchill's 1919 chemical massacres of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk... Yet also had troops in the Baku-Yerevan perimetres! The only path those units could have taken was through Iran... Professor Mohammed Gholi Majd wrote about the British-Canadian atrocities against Iran in his book "The Great Famine and Genocide of Iran, 1917-1919", including the American complicit cover-up at Versailles to prevent Iran from getting reparations.


It is beyond a doubt this crime saw 8-10 million Iranian deaths, which is half of the Iranian population at that time. If such a genocidal famine occurred with today's Iranian population, it would have been 30 million or so deaths, just to put into perspective, into proportion, the magnitude of this crime. I will kot go into the many other aspects of Canadian foreign policy on here (this shalt be for another time), however I must also mention that anti-Erdogan factions of Turkish peelers did arrest a CSIS/SCRS agent back in 2015, uncovering a huge scandal...


It was eventually up in Turkish media outlets, it came here on GlobalResearch.ca as well as on The Ottawa Citizen, amongst other sources, revealing how Stephen Harper as well as Justin Trudeau have been pretty much recruiting, smuggling arms and recruits, to prop up Daesh, Nusra, al-Qaeda amongst other takfiri Wahhabi death squads involved in destabilising the Syrian Arab Republic. The rest, including the atrocities involved, are documented. We will work on a multi-pronged case against Ottawa in the forthcoming months including at the world court if needed. We are not afraid of them.


Honestly, at this point, if I were in their shoes, of those snollygosters here, I would be resigning by now before I get myself in more dirty mud. If I were an honest, fearless, dauntless, warm-hearted peeler or military general, I would be ordering the arrests of those perfidious colonial swindlers by now, on a long, long, long list of crimes, to get them all impeached. If I were all 35 million here, I would be supporting our many barricades nation-wide as long as needed, all of whom continue to remain peaceful even now despite François Legault's false allegations, even with Trudeau's threats and provocations. More information to come out later on this year.


Godspeed to the People. Moreover here, let's work for an independent, sovereign Kanien'kéhá:keh.


Vive le Le Kanien'kéhá:keh Libre! Vive les Patriotes et les Warriors, Vive la Nation Indépendante!


Niá:wen'kó:wa (great thanks).


Our Warriors whilst also Patriotes at the 15th of February 2020 commemoration of the 1839 Hanging of Our Patriotes:


We were commemorating the 15th of February 1839 Hanging of the Patriotes. They are part of our history, fought for us all. This is all that matters. Our ex-#FPNRLQPN comrades were in the dozens at the events. Everyone there supports the #Kahnawake barricades. Everyone there as well as beyond, stands with the Wet'suwet'en. Our former movement, quietly merged into the #Rotiskenrakehte since last October 2019, as well as into the Kanonhsionni'ón:we. Many of my people there hath promised to support the barricades.


We believe in a #Haudenosaunee-led Native-Québécois-Métis future. We support #Kaienerekowa as Supreme Law. We believe in #Karoniaktajeh's Warrior Handbook. Furthermore, for the Anglo-Saxon community that hates on us all, let them remember that their ordinary masses too used to support the Patriotes movement producing competent leaders such as #WolfredNelson whom led the Patriotes to victory at #SaintDenis.


We are all in this together. Stand with us at commemorative Québécois events, stand with us as we support the Kanien'kéhá:ka barricades. Support the Wet'suwet'en Nation. Together we stand. Divided we fall. Support our #Longhouse, support our Warriors and Patriotes. Get out there, give Trudeau the finger! Mutiny is freest democratic expression!


Date of event: Saturday 15th February 2020


We fired blank shots in the air, utilising the older ceremonial musket rifles in our arsenals.




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- Ahsáre'kó:wa (War Chief) Oniehte Okwahó (Snow Wolf)

Our Patriotes, Warriors during our 15th of February 2020 Commemoration of the 1839 Patriotes whom were martyred by the yoke of the British "Crown"