Further response to slander whilst also demonisation

I continue from whence moreover where I left off, hither, from last time.


The Main Gist of It All:




Explain to me how would some whine about "cultural appropriation" whence one is a #Métis with part Kalinago-Carib Okwehón:we Native blood as much as his other origins? How would some whine about "cultural appropriation" whence one is indeed serious regarding decolonisation moreover helping their people regain their land; whence one hast worked for YEARS ON END to bring together tens upon thousands of strategic allies all over the place; whence one may not be'eth fully compatible with certain things yet still tries to uphold whilst also to defend, with his allies, their ways on their lands?

If one is indeed serious regarding helping the #Haudenosaunee Confederacy moreover building up a huge coalition of supporters for this purpose, why would some cry "cultural appropriation", demonise, slander, dissociate themselves from this? None of us ever stated intent of taking full permanent control in any sense. The leading part, as far as the Haudenosaunee Confederacy is concerned, is left only to their traditional chiefs etcetera. What I am commencing to realise is that there are perfidious divisive folks within the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Just as amongst the Québécois.

This is why, it's going to be'eth a difficult uphill struggle. Neither me nor Stéphane Dufresne nor anyone else ever stated our intention was to usurp the authority over the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. That is plain rubbish. Or чепуха as my father's mother's part Russian bloodline would sayeth. I hath clear intentions of rising to authority ONLY IN #FRANCE, IN #KSA, IN #KARUKERA, yet regarding KSA, even though I am linked to Arabia because of mine original girlfriend Princess Jawaher al-Saud, because of my ties with the genuine Arabian Peninsula Liberation Movement, etcetera...

I would NEVER take the full reins of authority for myself. I would above all give it back to the Arabian People. The same applies for France. Some just doth not quite get what my role is. I am A LOT like Ernesto Ché Guévara in this respect. Whence I finalise my mission helping a people take their country back, I simply move to the next fight to help lead another people TO VICTORY, after which I resign to move on to the next fight. Till either a bullet stops me, or till I hath helped all the nations that I wanted to help.

Regarding Karukera, we never said, nor did anyone else in the #UPLG for that matter ever sayeth, that we wanted to be'eth absorbed into another entity. Karukera is our Karukera. It had its own respective nation-state, its own mighty military, its own laws, its own ways before colonisation. Its core roots are father-oriented. It cannot be'eth changed. No one there would accept this, nor anything else that is foreign to them. They as fierce Patriotes as well as Warriors just as much as the Haudenosaunee are for themselves.

I am by nature a Warrior, an internationalist in the ORIGINAL COMMUNIST sense of the term. NOT the charlatan postmodern colonialist nihilist liberast-libertarian mouvance version. The sole country where I intend to fully rest in power à la Edmund Dantes, is Karukera (#Gwadloup/#Guadeloupe). That is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Moreover NO ONE, is going to stop me from freeing my mother's islands. NO ONE. As for Russia, besides also being part Russian by blood mineself, I AM INDEED A RUSSIAN PATRIOT. Because we are over there a beacon of hope for Mankind.

Our military might over there, our staunch Lionhearted Eurasian Visionary Godsend Anti-Zionist anti-globalist anti-colonialist anti-imperialist Revolutionary Conservative Anti-Liberal Patriotic #Putin, is the biggest check moreover balance to Western European colonialist endeavours. Regarding the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, I am a Che Guevara for your cause. Yes, Che Guevara was a War Chief in several countries. Regardless of whether he fought by arms or by ideals, or by reinformation on a case to case basis.

It's reality. Real, raw reality. We liveth in a world where there is no choice except to band together to bring down our common enemies, or we shalt individually perish beneath their yoke, beneath their boots. It's not about spheres of influence, no. It's about helping each other taketh back what's ours, it's about helping each other settle our scores. I am only an Ahsáre'kó:wa as long as it is needed in the course of the struggle. Afterwards I hand it over back to a traditional rightful titleholder.

Afterwards I move on to the next fight elsewhere. If some of ye doth not wisheth for me to be'eth thy War Chief, fine, I shalt exile mineself like Ivan IV the Fearsome, leaving ye at the mercy of yer *beloved* enemies, till everyone unanimously clamours for mine return including those that wanted me gone. Because unlike thy Trou'd'eau, I actually CARE regarding EACH INDIVIDUAL AS MUCH AS COLLECTIVE CONCERN. Never been a problem for me.

As for that slandering lad, rather than giving me space to refute him with the facts, despite me speaking of him in good light, he blocked me on his Facebook page, behaving like a despot, like Legault, like Lucien Bouchard, like Trudeau-aligned kangaroo courts, like the mainstream. Even the vile murderous Nazis gave Sophie Scholl the right to a fair defence, before they nonetheless executed her for her anti-regime poetry. That says it all.

All I did with mine #SnowWolfExecutiveOrders, was crack the door open for each und every single one of Ye to thence utiliseth the keys.

All I did all those years was get the keys together moreover hand them.

I lead only for the struggle. It's not usurpation. After I resign.

I am not able to sit on one throne. Just is not my nature.

I can only doth that in Karukera where I feel I can.

Nor is it "cultural appropriation" for the matter.

Wanna stay stuck under racist Trou'd'eau?

Wanna stay stuck under his boots?

Be'eth my guests.


Whence Ché Guévara helped Cuba did he hijack to stay in power afterwards? Nay, he left it to the Cubans to govern themselves. Whence Frantz Fanon went to support the Algerian FLN did he usurp the FLN? NO! Whence my paternal grandfather quit the army to join the Algerian FLN as a foreign volunteer, did he seize control of Algeria afterwards? NO! I know whom I am, I know what I am doing, stop overstepping my voice, by imposing thine obfuscating doubts unto me. Or I shalt throw ye away in the rubbish bin moreover move to the causes that doth deserveth mine abilities. Not for a cause that hast traitors amidst the ranks.

I am NOT bound by no one. I doth what I want.

I go where I want, legally or under the table.

Those that know me know this too well.

Thou shalt endeavour to remember.

If ye oppose me so, go kill me.

Shoot a bullet in my face.

Right between my eyes.

On my forehead.

Go ahead.

Doth it.

I wait.



Let's get the dictionaries out ye *********... What dost "cultural appropriation" really mean? Let me maketh this simple for ye to comprehend:

1. A foreign country comes in
2. Steals the culture
3. Renames it, or monetises it to profiteer, or claims it to be'eth theirs
4. Erases the History behind it

A REAL case of "cultural appropriation":

Zionist régime entity"Israel" taking #Palestine's kuffiyahs, pretending those to be'eth "Hebrew culture", thence monetising it.

Whole Palestinian villages wiped out, #JNF builds parks in their places with false Zionist narratives denying that the villages were there.

Makes money from tourists in those areas.

I read of that years ago, I did NOT forget.

The USA military giving Cherokee etc names to their military equipment.

AmeriKKKan/KKKanadian automobiles also, remember!

Yet I bet ye fecked up hypocrites would never denounceth that amirite?

As per usual. People obfuscated by Trotskyist liberal hippies like Trudeau.


PENULTIMATE PROOF THAT THOSE WHOM RECENTLY SLANDERED ME ARE BRAINWASHED RACIST COLD WAR LIBERALS, NOTHING MORE. Regarding the Haudenosaunee Confederacy I am NOT looking for authority. I want to lead Warriors, to lead the struggle to Victory. Afterwards I resign.

I am by nature a Warrior, a Manly Straight Traditional Warrior. I am a #Métis, a Ché Guévara, Frantz Fanon type Warrior. I am NOT the only one in my family's ANCESTRY BIOLOGICALLY to be'eth thus. Mine paternal grandfather too was one such. He went to support the Algerian #FLN.

As a Métis I hath always stumbled upon a racist rat that had hostility towards this irreversible fait accompli, even amongst my own twelve biological bloodline ancestral origins. Moreover... All right, recap. Some Kanien'kéhá:ka hath joined Legault's CAQ, Trudeau's kangaroo courts in slandering me.

Despite me having the ability to refute most of the demonisation easily.

It is also interesting to accuse of being divisive whence my position hast ALWAYS BEEN TO CALL FOR A UNIFIED FRONT. I hath also CATEGORICALLY REPEATEDLY DENOUNCED ALL attempts at pitting ladies moreover Men against each other. Regarding whom infiltrates what...

Pierre Dubuc's research long exposed how the KKKanadian colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime hast infiltrated the charlatan postmodern colonialist nihilist liberast-libertarian revisionist closet Trotskyist "left" for some time now. They also infiltrated the mainstream "right".

They even infiltrated the Parti Québécois, to the extent that Paul Morin one of their top strategists was paid for by the feds! In the cases of James Bacque or ex reverend Kevin Daniel Annett the feds scared or paid folks into turning against them. Kevin Daniel Annett even lost his first wife thus.

All because they denounced the real stuff. Marie-Claude Montpetit was repeatedly demonised by Québécois mainstream media to the point of being called "delusional" too, she lost her political career, was demonised by Julie Couillard, some of her own witnesses were bribed against her.

She eventually won yet she lost more than $630 000 defending herself. Yves Michaud was kicked out of the PQ, falsely accused of being "anti-Semitic", demonised on the public space, lost everything. Pierre Vallières went through his own lot of woes. Ronald Lasagna Cross the Warrior too.

I knew him, also I know his main lawyer even more. She wrote a book regarding how Kanehsatake, Kahnawake betrayed him, one of the most sincere Warriors they could possibly ever muster. Yes he was messed up, yet practically EVERYONE was already messed up from centuries of traumas.

It should be'eth remembered that Ronald Lasagna Cross, joined the fight to avenge the death of his cousin David Cross, killed in 1979 by some corrupted SQ racist elements. David Cross was brutally beaten, shot to death in his own front porch. Humiliated on his own land.

Sose Onasahkenrat also went through a similar fate. Louis Riel too, whom despite being mentally vulnerable moreover severely traumatised after being detained to the point of being unable to follow his trial, still got hanged. The "unaccommodated" Patriotes of 1837-1838 too got hanged unfairly.

My own true story is a nerve-wracking one of its own. Before certain people blindly slander or demonise me like some hath done they should perhaps careth to remember those points. As for Kevin Daniel Annett aye things got so asinine for him that he had to run off to an Ojibway territory to hide.

Yet I bet some of ye would not even defend his case neither.

That's how ye know who's the real traitor.

The so-called Wet'suwet'en MC matriarchs turned out to hath been paid for by the ones they supposedly opposed. As for me? T'was a real uphill struggle just to get my Asperger's recognised to get a little more welfare. Back in 2016-2017, #Québec welfare under Trudeau's liberal Philippe Couillard...

Under his austerity, almost killed me. I almost died. They slashed my welfare so low that I was financially red for months, could not go anywhere even if people helped me travel, provoked the worst anxiety in my life to the point where I stayed at home unable to doth anything.

I nearly famished to death. I was so minced out that I looked like a skeleton coming out of Auschwitz. Those that demoniseth me hath NO CLUE where I cometh from all those years, amongst endless other injustices. My most trusted strategic allies know how much I suffered.

As a result their fealty to me in unwavering. Some of them witnessed the worst that I went through moreover commenced to intervene. I was homeless in summer 2015 too. Some of my fellow Métis or full Okwehón:we or even Quebecois comrades went through that bullshit too. In France too.

As for Callsign Casper, oh he went through hell all his life too. It's thanks to me, as well as our lawyers, that he's still alive today. He is part Irish, part Cherokee, part Kanien'kéhá from what I remember he told me. His own biological family betrayed him on several occasions.

As for mine own biological parents, I had fallout with both of them. Ironic how we agreed on defending our common values, yet they feared the colonial state so much they refused to support me in my fights. I had a big argument moreover ran away from them. Plus in my youth...

A long story of beatings as well as street fights as well as hate thrown at me for being a Métis, in more than one country on several occasions. My biological parents that were not perfect at all, especially my mother that treated me as a punch bag more than my father did. My true girlfriend Jawaher al-Saud martyred by her own biological family too.

The world did nothing to saveth her. Nothing.

Being betrayed by other people here or there several times. Being put in the Bordeau cage, tortured, traumatised, humiliated, kangaroo courts as well as closed doors deals to buy off some time for the movement moreover to protect my strategic allies network from investigations by attracting attention onto myself only. To expose the feds for their games.

Being gagged, having my passports removed, basically I was mistreated just like Meng Wanzhou got mistreated. I warned some of my abusers back in 2017 that I shalt endeavour with China to get some scores settled. Indeed this materialised whence those three KKKanadian spies got arrested.

Leverage we now hath against Trudeau to this day. Plus all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Of course I hath met good people along the way made many Thousands of strategic allies all over the place locally moreover worldwide that continue to support me. This at least is what's encouraging.

I also lost my paternal grandfather to lung cancer, one of the few in my biological family that I trusted. People that barely know me moreover think they hath me all figured out, they are Чепухи и тоже суки as far as I am concerned. People that suddenly decide to dissociate & flip-flop too.

How can some make it up in my eyes? Stop hitting on one another, stop hitting on me with obfuscating doubts moreover slandering exaggerations against me, stop being hypocrites. If ye really want the #Haudenosaunee Confederacy, start being sincere, moreover figure yourselves out.

Remove the centuries of layers of confusion as well as foreign imported ideological pathogens that hath corrupted your own structures. #AlainSoral has debunked many liberal myths. So hath others. Starting learning from them, learn their languages. Their truths are important to save Thineselves.

Ahsáre'kó:wa #LouisHall #Karoniaktajeh, my main Kanien'kéhá idol, always said that if a nation loses its will to fight it shalt condemn itself to decline. My next question is, where were those feminists, whence severe injustices befell upon Marie-Claude Montpetit, Meng Wanzhou, Jawaher al-Saud?

The feminists were NOWHERE. Where were ye whence Trudeau arms Wahhabi takfiri KSA, Bahrain, Turkey, Morocco, South Korea, Colombia, Neo Nazis in Ukraine with direct assistance including a JTF2 unit, arms for the Zionist régime entity, disturbing peace everywhere else?

Reflect upon this please. As for my friends, let's keep talking harsh truth.


Some of those self-righteous that hate on me lately, were probably not there at all, whence their own Haudenosaunee Ronald Lasagna Cross, lost his cousin David Cross to a peeler shooting, whence Ronnie got beaten to a pulp in 1990 in detention moreover faced a kangaroo court. They severely misunderstood him too moreover betrayed him. In fact if ye were in his shoes, myself, alongside my comrades, we would hath been the first to go rescue ye out. Even those that demoniseth me, we would still defend. However no, some prefer to label each other uselessly.

Further reason for me to go to Moskva as soon as I can, to spend some time away from toxicity there as well as in other places that I miss.

I shalt exile mineself like Ivan IV the Fearsome usually did.

Let's see how well ye can handle things from there...

I know for a fact Ivan IV was eventually called back.

By even the very people that wanted him gone.


Honestly if there is one reason why ye are all stuck unable to revive the #Haudenosaunee Confederacy, it's the same reason that the #Québécois are stuck: because there is always some of ye that want to pick up a fight internally over a few details, despite it being clear that myself, as well as my strategic allies, hath always been sincerely dedicated to supporting.

The Ahsáre'kó:wa title was given to me by some Kanien'kéhá, etcetera friends in Montreal, as well as elsewhere... I shalt not mention their names because from the looks of where this racket is going some really are bending towards quarrelling. I doth not want to see more quarrelling. It may hath been for some difficult to comprehend yet those that gave me the title, (moreover its not the Kanonhsionni'ón:we that did)...

Saw in me qualities similar to #LouisRiel, to #Karoniaktajeh. As for the Kanonhsionni'ón:we we unilaterally* merged with them, we did let them know in October last year, they were well aware. Why are some of them are suddenly also turning their heads around to cry wolf is beyond fathoming. Those friends of mine in Montreal, were Kanien'kéhá:ka, Cree, Abénaki, Inuits, Innu, Québécois, Métis, Anishinabek Atikamekw etcetera...

Some of them were in the group photos with me that we took whence we organised our blank shooting to commemorate the martyred unaccommodated Patriotes of 1837-1838 on the 15th of February 2020 earlier this year. There were never usurpatory intentions. I did not self-award the title, they did. Now, where is this demonisation, this slandering, this exaggeration regarding errors of the past, this conflating all going?

It's taking us collectively to the gutter. Moreover Trudeau is perhaps having the laugh of a lifetime whilst this quarrelling is occurring amongst us. This is what I feared. That internal division would cometh from inside. It all commenced over disagreements regarding my implications overseas, including me getting lectured regarding MY PEOPLES, MY BLOODLINE, moreover my birthplace #Karukera/#Guadeloupe.

Just stop it. Please. Regarding #Kaienerekowa, of course those amongst us that chose me as a War Chief, on a temporary Ché Guévara role basis, moreover hung the name Oniehte Okwahó around my neck, did not doth so in accordance to protocols in Kayoni 66, Kayoni 67, 76, yet still, they did so on a temporary basis, so it did not completely violate those Wampums. Kayoni 81 also allows the Men to choose a War Chief in times of struggle.

Moreover we are in times of struggle. Arguably, technically ye hath been in a low-intensity war with the KKKanadian colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime for more than a century. They hath been waging war, are still waging a form of war. Macron is doing the same to my mother's people in Karukera, the Métis-Mulatto descendants of the #KalinagoCarib.

KKKanadian regime violated SEVERELY Kayoni 73, moreover according to Kayoni 80 as well as Kayoni 92, long ago, the KKKanadian regime should hath been driven away for violating this land. Yet people are too occupied hitting at one another to realise this! Furthermore according to Kayoni 90 from mine understanding of it, to go to war one must drop political authority.

My role is compatible with Kayoni 90, because I clearly stated that I would never assume political authority in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. I hath intentions of assuming political authority elsewhere, including Karukera. Not in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, ye already hath thine leaders here. There is no need for me to be'eth a political leader here. I was clear on this.

Just a type figure to lead during the struggle. Kayoni 35 is also the other way to explain my relationship with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Kayoni 61 talks regarding Great Calamity. I did my role in fulfilling the duty of Kayoni 61 by informing ye of Great Calamity, by telling ye the fullest extent of KKKanadian regime crimes at home moreover abroad worldwide.

Including the grave case surrounding Meng Wanzhou. By sharing with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy what I know, I hath fulfilled my task regarding Kayoni 61. We liveth in extraordinary times calling for exceptional measures. Ye all need to figure something out amongst each other. If me being named Ahsáre'kó:wa by some makes others feel angst...

Perhaps ye can all agree better to giving me title of Yohnetotahon, Pine Tree Chief, moreover this time, with full formality, as advisor with the task of continuing to bridging with the non Haudenosaunee. I also want ye to really remember, what ye were before colonisation. The terms some associate themselves with today, did not exist in Kaienerekowa nor in the language.

They are foreign terms coming from Western European colonialist ideologues as well as anthropologists from Perfidious Albion. Kaienerekowa never said this "archy" or that "archy", this "ism" or that "ism", Kaienerekowa only said it was Kaienerekowa, moreover whom founded its roots into officialised Constitution? Tekanawitha with Hiawatha. Men.

It was never intended to pit ladies moreover men against each other, it was meant to unite them together, without destroying their traditional natures. I wear the T-shirt of Unity, the Man moreover the Lady, to symbolise the importance of this natural human unity, of the respective straight identities. The Man moreover the Lady are complementary in importance. Yin-Yang.

Yin-Yang from Chinese philosophy.

I am not just a Ché Guévara type here.

I guess I am a Frantz Fanon both to myself and to Haudenosaunee.

So that we can figure out how to surmount the impasse.

As for this quarrelling some want to commence, there is no worser calamity than internal quarrelling. It just needs to stop.

Those that want to impose overseas or promote overseas a model that is being massively infiltrated by the system here, miss the point:

1. If it is badly infiltrated, liberalised, corrupted, it needs to remove those layers moreover really figure itself out before applying itself here or it is doomed to collapse from the contradictions of those corruptions.

2. One size fits all is the biggest error of history. NOT all Patriarchies are "evil". THIS IS RUBBISH. The Eurasian Patriarchies, my mum's Native Kalinago-Carib ancestors's Patriarchy, Iran's Patriarchy, etc they ARE GOOD models that PERFECTLY FIT THE ROOTS OF OUR RESPECTIVE PEOPLES.

3. It is NOT just the Western European male that committed crimes, Western European ladies art JUST AS GUILTY. Killary KKKlinton, that top level feminist, Margaret Thatcher, Chrystia Chomiak Freeland (the real ideologue running KKKanadian regime, in fact I am not wrong in saying that Justin Trudeau is literally her stooge), the British Queens (except perhaps Victoria), Victoria Nuland, FEMEN, Merkel fit amongst those nefarious examples.

4. #Kaienerekowa plus all other tradition DID NOT hath such man-hating straight-bashing obfuscations in it. It may be'eth interpreted as "matrilineal" to some, however it was more a SEMI, because it also respected The Men, it NEVER beat down on Men. It can be'eth interpreted as "semi-matrilineal" due to the clan mothers. However the Warriors, the Chiefs, the hunters, the fishermen, were also very important. "Gender" is NOT part of Kaienerekowa. It's a postmodern colonialist liberal-propped introduction. Feminism is NOT part of Kaienerekowa. NEITHER did the Wampums hath a pic of Trudeau. Regarding #Karukera/#UPLG, we hath never had issues with supporting moreover helping the #Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Same with our other causes elsewhere. They see no issues helping ye. However we already hath our ideas for our respective struggles in Karukera, France, Arabia, etcetera.

There are certain things I might hath overlooked regarding War Chief, that some of my Kanien'kéhá friends in Mtl also overlooked, yet still. In defending Haudenosaunee interests I am sure I am doing an important job. Moreover, it is inevitable that I should be'eth kept as such, as after all I am a Ché Guévara type, only during the period of the struggle here. Endocrine disruptors combined with liberal propaganda, traumas, etcetera, dangerous. It is very eccentric und enigmatic furthermore that the Greta gang (thoroughly debunked by #NaomiSeibt) continue to cry wolf over CO2 whence in truth, the endocrine disruptors, other toxic substances in the air, are WORSE.

It should be'eth noted also that CO2 is essential for photosynthesis, thenceforth hitherto, if there was no CO2, there would be'eth no life. It just needs to be'eth there in the right natural amounts. I took science courses in the past, I paid attention to those things.

5. Read these books plus some of those videos:

"Legalising Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination Against Men" - book by Paul Nathanson, Katherine K. Young

"Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family" - book by Stephen Baskerville

"The Feminist Lie: It Was Never About Equality Paperback" - book by Bob Lewis

"Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women Paperback" - book by Christina Hoff Sommers

"Vers la féminisation?" ("Towards feminisation?") - book by our strategic ally in France, Alain Soral

"Alain Soral détruit les féministes" (Alain Soral destroys feminists) - video radio podcast by Alain Soral in response to a question asked by one of his fellow followers in France

"Le Premier Sexe" ("The First Sex") - book by Éric Zemmour, another one of our allies in France

"La Sociologie du Hardeur: pour une résistance contre la pornographie" ("The Sociology of the Hard, for a resistance against pornography") - book by Darbois Lounès

"Fragrans feminae: sur la gynécocratie" ("Fragrans feminae: on the gynecocracy") - book by Félix Niesche

"Understanding gender propaganda" - video of Dr Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute in a speech with very valid points

"The Obscure Face of S&xual Lib..." - book by Dr Judith Reisman

"La pédophilie et le totalitarisme..." - book by Dr Ariana Bilheran

Plus the three videos by Dr Michelle Cretella

"Black Skin, White Masks" - book by Dr Frantz Fanon

"The Wretched of the Earth" - book by Dr Frantz Fanon

"Eugene Melchior of Vogue, or how Russia can save France" - book by Dr Anna Gihchkina

"Trotskyism, Counter-revolution in disguise" - book by M. J. Olgin

"Blood Lies" - book by Professor Grover Furr

"The Fourth Political Theory" - book by Aleksandr Dugin (I agree with 90% of his ideals, however I disagree on him slightly supporting feminism)

Plus articles by Dr Galima Galiullina exposing Trotskyists

Work done by the #Antigones, French ladies denouncing feminism

6. Yes there is a war being waged against fatherhood, husbandry, straight human nature, in a certain sense, yet above all, this war is being waged on OUR MÉTIS, NATIVE OKWEHÓN:WE, some QUÉBÉCOIS populations. The ladies are also victims of this system for many obvious reasons. There are MORE of our Men locked up in cages than anyone else combined altogether. Those figures alongside our ladies form 25%+ of all incarcerations. Another problem is "foster care", or "child welfare", the new "residential schools", the new "sanatoriums", the new MKUltras. Everything is asinine.

The system as I noticed in many cases tries to manipulate Native, Métis ladies into either leaving their husbands or abandoning their children. As if our Men by default are so "evil" that they need to be'eth deprived of everything! The Sixties Scoop is a part of this too. No one seems to care that our Men are suffering from traumas, that are thence unwittingly transmitted. The KKKanadian colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime just cares about separating families, breaking up people, stealing children.

I hath done enough research into this to be'eth positioned to comment. I also personally know of such cases. Whence I look at that, I realise that my biological parents are a sort of lesser evil compared to this war machine. I am personally fortunate to hath avoided being thrown into that system like many of my comrades here hath been thrown into, either by gullible parents or by force from the yoke of the KKKanadian regime.

#MKUltra, another forgotten crime. This was done by ENGLISH "CANADA", moreover it was JUST AS BAD as Duplessis' orphans. Many other violations of Geneva Conventions, of Conventions against Genocide, of the Nuremberg Legal Precedents, of article 10 sections 1 and 3 of #UNGA2200A. Another liberal corruption that threatens our existence, the sweet bitter liberast alternative pill to the bullet of the Tories, although liberasts too can utilise bullets we hath seen quite a lot of it under Trudeau, is abortion. This propaganda, if it spreads, directly threatens our populations.

Paul Blanshard wrote of this too, how those liberal introductions were designed to directly subvert Quebecois, Métis, Okwehón:we populations. In Dan Kovalik's book "The Plot to Attack Iran: how the CIA conspired to villify Iran", there is a quote from a certain Yankee neocon whom openly called for "creative destructiveness" against those they want to subdue. It should be'eth remembered that most of those neoliberals, neocons, such as Wolfowitz, Soros, amongst others, were former Trotskyists.

Being the addicted to information, bookworm, sourceworm, useful hacker, librarian, anxious screenshot taker that I am, I saved copies of everything that I utilise to back mine arguments. Whom is the "delusional" now?!  I hath post-traumatic stress disorder, certain things from Asperger's (imagery, anxiety, depression, vulnerability to heat, some difficulties with riding bicycles, massive vulnerability to traumas), however...

I also HATH MINE STRENGTHS. I ALWAYS KNEW WHAT THOSE WERE. I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING MOREOVER SAYING. Stop overstepping my voice as well as the voices of my strategic allies. Regarding my strategic allies, I am very protective of them. I consider them like extended family. I am like an Alfa VDV Wolfman whence it comes to protecting them.

Again, those that doth NOT knoweth me, CANNOT "figure me out". Next time someone else tries to conflate me or impose their "figuring out", I shalt SUE THEM IN A QUÉBÉCOIS COURT moreover bring out everything that backs what I am saying. Be'eth careful with how ye handle me. I am NOT a punch bag, I am an Awakened Wolfman tired of the чепуха.

As for barricades... We hath a whole swath of reasons to keep those going, especially those aforementioned points moreover KKKanadian colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime foreign policy wanton antics. STOP BEING IMBECILES HITTING AT EACH OTHER. JUST STOP. THAT'S WHAT TRUDEAU, FREELAND, KENNEY, LEGAULT, HORGAN, FORD ETC ALL WANT.



Whilst some fools go on bashing me, Trudeau-aligned scoundrels killed a Mig'maw the other day, beat up a Chinese girl, Mona Wang, etcetera.

Nay one bats an eye! And Meng's to get extradited!


Especially that guy from the other day.


Whence #AlainSoral says that all authority given to ladies throughout history was given to them by Men, it's the truth. Some of #Kaienerekowa's laws, although somewhat practised for tens of thousands of years before it officialised Constitution, the concept of clan mothers did not come around till Kaienerekowa was officially pactised by Tekanawitha with Hiawatha, two Men, two Chiefs whom put those in place hoping it would help as a form of checks and balances to prevent the worst destruction of the past between the nations of the #Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Yet still, t'was these two Men that did so. Alain Soral is correct, no matter how harsh it may be'eth to some. Any authority or whatever that was ever given to ladies in world History came from We The Men. Man-hating straight-bashing obfuscated corrupted ignorant feminists should doth best to remember this before they hate on men incessantly 24/7. It's interesting und amusing that those whom demoniseth me telleth me to look back although whence I doth: I am proven right, to their detriment, at every turn.

Moreover as I said earlier, some Wampums hath nonetheless kept a staunch democratic checks and balances from The Men, via the Rotiskenhra'kéh:te, the Warrior Society. Kayoni 49, Kayoni 81, prove me correct once again on those points. This is why before certain people accuseth me of illiteracy they better be'eth certain 100% that their own arguments are valid, because thereafter I cometh back to completely smite asunder their "credibility" to such an extent that they shalt squeal for intellectual mercy.

It's just the plain truth. As for injustices from colonialists. We hath all been victims moreover with each passing day we hath learnt to becometh survivors. Yes, fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, children, especially children, all beareth the scars of the injustices of this KKKanadian colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime. The same applies in #Karukera as well as in my father's mother's Russia, moreover other nations whom hath beart the yoke of vile nefarious Western European colonialist endeavours.

Rather than only pointing at one categorisation of injustices which only ignores what others also went through moreover definitely provokes misunderstandings as well as division, all injustices must be'eth checked. As a matter of fact, this is what must be'eth reproached regarding the feminists, moreover they definitely violate the Great Peace in this manner, which is hitherto why I am climbing atop the Great Pine to signal alarm at their regard, invoking Kayoni (Wampum) 61 to warn ye of yet another Great Calamity.

There's much that needs to be'eth denounced. My book, whence I finalise writing it, shalt be'eth a major invoking of Kayoni 61. I hope that upon reading my book next year or so, thou shalt be'eth able to discern the fullest extent of the KKKanadian regime's morbidities whilst also those of their lackeys moreover vassals let alone other major partners in crime. Moreover Hiawatha was the secondary in helping get Kaienerekowa set in stone. T'was Tekanawitha whom first got it together.

Moreover Kaienerekowa in it's purest form never attacked straight human nature, traditional nuclear family structures, traditional marriage. It upheld them, furthermore, it NEVER had those concepts of postmodernity such as abortion or any other such nefarious obfuscating liberast traps, which are the soft liberast candy alternative to Tory forced sterilisations against the people. In both cases they want to reduce the demographics. That too is a Great Calamity worthy of invoking Kayoni 61 against.

Moreover lastly, the reinformation struggle is am essential part of the struggle itself, moreover me struggling to unite the people in occupied territories of Kanien'kéhá:keh, is another worthy struggle in itself. We must all endeavour to getting people back on track moreover expose the fifth as well as sixth columns that threaten the Great Peace, yet above all, the colonial encroaching regimes that threaten the Great Peace.


Those that keep crying wolf over "cultural appropriation" even amongst one another in the same struggle, completely tossed away the political struggle, moreover are being blind adherents to Trudeau's "multicultural" rubbish. They hath becometh emasculated, atomised, obfuscated, unable to organise themselves for a proper political struggle for true decolonisation. This is the biggest corruption that Trudeau's ideology hast cemented in order to crush dissenting amongst certain types of gullible folks.

They forgot of the political struggle, where the real stuff happens, incessantly obsessed moreover distracted by such petty matters that hath no long term weight in the real fight. This is another Great Calamity worthy of invoking Kayoni 61 against. This approach of slandering people amongst others, is only serving to foment more division, to alienate even people with common blood as well as DNA even if said folks are not pure breed, such as #Métis like me or Stéphane Dufresne. This causes major repercussions.

It hinders the political struggle, bringing it to another form of impasse. This is where Che Guevara moreover Frantz Fanon type folks are needed. To get the political struggle going once more, to get everyone focused again. This is also why my Kanien'kéhá:ka etcetera friends in Mtl, moreover folks in other AIM or WS chapters acted on their own wit to name me as an Ahsáre'kó:wa independently of the usual protocols. They knew I am right. I hath been utilising this title to get my own strategic allies together for ye.

To fight the ideological obfuscations, to fight the reinformation struggle, to get people back onto the political struggle track. Because t'is be'eth what is very important in the forthcoming reckoning. This is my role, a limbo between Yohnetotahon/Ahsáre'kó:wa, Ché Guévara, Frantz Fanon, Alain Soral type of role. Some #Haudenosaunee sadly are making the same errors that the Québécois hath been wreaking unto themselves.

This needst to be'eth stopped. It's nigh indeed to get back on track moreover to focalise on convergence, on political struggle, on cultural renaissance of course, on historical conservatism, on natural Straight Human conservatism, on Revolutionary Conservative Anti-Liberal Nationalism, on #Kaienerekowa, on #TekeniTeiohateKayoni pluralism, on Treaties, on national sovereignty, on democratic popular sovereignty, on traditional Morality, on anti-imperialist convergence whilst also internationalist solidarity.

We need to uphold the Great Peace. Ye all need to follow in #Putin's footsteps, prioritising thine laws above all. Without political sovereignty, a national distinct cultural identity cannot truly thrive.


If being a Che Guevara for the #Haudenosaunee, for #Karukera, for #France und #GiletsJaunes, for #KSA's Revolutionary Conservative Anti-Liberal Patriots, for #Novorossiya against neo Nazi "Ukraine", for #Yemen's #Ansarullah #Houthis, dost maketh me as "delusional" as Marie-Claude Montpetit hast been falsely accused of for denouncing the KKKanadian regime in its crimes, fine, all right, so be'eth it. Moreover my support, my implications, for all struggles I am involved in...

I shalt endeavour NEVER to falter nor waver.

T'is be'eth how ye can trusteth me.

As for those with medicalisation of politics, those slandering presstitutes...

Taketh that rubbish, roll it in paper, stick it up the ****.

Victory in #Russia is a victory for the #Haudenosaunee. If #Putin can succeed in getting the people to uphold national sovereignty, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy can* succeed in upholding its #Kaienerekowa. All that is required is the collective willpower to doth thus.

So-called "Canadian law" (or rather KKKanadian "law") hast nay business whatsoever on thine (your) lands, territories.

Moreover remember, liberals, "Tories", NDP, Greens, Bloc, blah blah blah, they are ALL liberasts originating from the same colonial pot.

They claim they are not, yet in reality, they are.

Never forget that.

I am an Honoured #Métis Ché Guévara ally of thy people.

Shalt forever remain thus.


Nay there shalt NOT be'eth any "race wars", nor "sex wars", nor any other such rubbish here because I shalt NOT alloweth it to occur. Here it shalt be'eth The People's Rising against the regime. Led by the Longhouse.


Nothing more, nothing less.


I am not a despot. I am a tyrant in the Antique (B.C) Sense of the term. I utiliseth potentate ability to give back to the people what is rightly theirs.

#Putin is like this too. So was the Great #SaintStalin.


A #RobinHood, #EdmundDantes, #Zorro, #ChuckNorris of authority. Taking from the wealthy und despotic to giveth back to the people. T'is be'eth how I roll.

I am the only one I know whose Twitter got censored for more than five annums (years). I bet ye most people hath only gotten on social media at most, a few 60-day bans, whereas I had the longest I know.


Still, unbowed, unwavering, unfaltering,


Hither I stayeth. ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊


There are those in the #Haudenosaunee whom comprehend me 100% moreover whom recognise my Kalinago-Carib Okwehón:we roots via my mum's mother moreover accept that I am a #Métis with Russian etcetera in my bloodline ancestry; yet there also unfortunately exist detractors whom resort to slandering whilst also intimidation against me, proof that the agents of the KKKanadian colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime hath infiltrated left-right-centre mainstream politics, proof that even the Haudenosaunee are not spared from such division, infiltration as well as ideological obfuscations. This is the case with mainstream sellout goofing Québécois too whom art bought into the Trudeau's ideological obfuscations.


This is a serious matter that might only worsen with each passing day. Either this is dealt with... or our top ranks, including mineself, shalt exile ourselves till the people correct this nefarious situation amongst themselves. I hath noticed how vile the rubbish can becometh hither. I already informed several anti-imperialist Revolutionary Conservative Anti-Liberal Patriotic governments of mine intention to go into exile. I shalt neither confirm nor deny mine finalised decision as to where for obvious reasons. However I definitely feel that I must commence to behave like Ivan IV the Fearsome. Leaveth till the people realise we were right 100% and unanimously clamour for our return to lead them to victorious triumphant success.


Indeed I am unhinged. I am not afraid. I hath enough strength that I spent years cultivating in silence, enough strategic allies, enough supporters, enough a security network, enough physical inertia in my own hands, plus my own strategic genius intellectual capacity, moreover the truth is on our side in our favour. I hath nothing to be'eth afraid of. They can slander me, however I am not the only one historically to be'eth slandered in such ways. #SaintStalin, Colonel #Qadhafi, Colonel #Stauffenberg, #JulianAssange, #YvesMichaud, #MarieClaudeMontpetit, #LousRiel, #PierreVallières, Ronald Lasagna Cross, art amongst several such examples. I shalt never surrender nor back off. Neither from this #Haudenosaunee-led Okwehón: we-Québécois-Métis cause, nor from my own #Karukera Métis-Mulatto cause, part of mine mum's part Native Kalinago-Carib ancestors.


Nor from the #GiletsJaunes Patriotes of #France, nor from the #APLM struggle in #SaudiArabia where we got an even larger network of strategic allies whilst also insiders. Nor from any other struggles I am involved in. I hath forever been a Ché Guévara/Frantz Fanon/Alain Soral type of Warrior regardless of the struggle I am involved in. Get used to it. Because mine abilities shalt get ye what ye Thineselves hath failt to achieve.


Aye, t'is be'eth true, even the Devil in person can sayeth a truth or two. Let's look into Justin Trudeau's "we are a postnational country" comments from a while ago. This is basically the only truth that ever popped from his mouth. For indeed, with all the globalist accords he signed alongside his Chrystia Chomiak Freeland, quintessentially, de jure, the colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime hast lost its national sovereignty long ago. Moreover was there even really a national identity to commence with? Nyet! "Canada" was always an artificial unconstitutional undemocratic regime from commencement till finish, conceived on stolen land, in connivance with the British Crown, the "Crown" of Perfidious Albion's Five Eyes. Moreover since these fossoyeurs (gravediggers) (including Harper, Trudeau, Freeland) hath been despotic moreover perfidious criminals that go to foreign heads of state to get their rubbish "laws" ratified at our expense, they hath absolutely nay legitimacy whatsoever. In schools we get brainwashed by the official "curriculum" propaganda narratives against our democratic will to such a bloody nefarious extent that it's less than amusing, if even at all. We hath centuries of layers of rubbish, of obfuscations to remove, before we shalt be'eth most indeed definitely able to endeavour to figure out for ourselves what exactly we would really want to hath. In accordance to Kayoni 61 I hath brought forth to Ye the fullest extent of the Calamity. I hath brought forth truths to help remove the layers of obfuscations. Let's hope that thee shalt succeed in utilising them... To smite asunder those yoke-filled shackles

I was born into this world by birth, blood, ancestry, as a Gobsmiting Thundering Knightly Lionhearted Legendary Revolutionary Conservative Russo-Calabrese-Italian-Occitan-German-Maghrébin-Native Kalinago-Carib Okwehón:we-African-Hindi-Irish-Scottish-Asian type #Métis Super Soldier adapted for all-terrain, four-seasons Ché Guévara Life.

If I hath been able to be'eth part of other struggles...

I can also help the #Haudenosaunee.

Thenceforth stop the slandering.

I was THERE, especially 9th-10th February, where for a whole night long, moreover into the morning, I stood watch, nothing more.

Whilst everyone else went home to comfortably sleep, I kept the Sacred Fire burning, I only slept for three hours, I was keeping it safe.

I defended the barricade ALONE in that interval.

Go on right ahead slander me, feckin' goofs.

Those are my gloves, my camo pants, impossible to deny.

For each lie ye make or half-truth, I can refute it.

Be'eth very careful, for ye kill yer credibility,

Whence ye slander me.


























































Lastly however not least, a look into the war against Straight Human Nature, Faithful Marriage, Traditional Family, Manhood, moreover Fatherhood, against ladies und children too:


This is what is not often talked of. The forgotten injustices.

Especially for #Métis, Okwehón:we Men.

Oh there are endless such cases.

"Foster care" in KKKanada...

Did that very often too.

We got plenty of this.

There needs to be'eth presumption of innocence till proven otherwise, there needs to be'eth due process, moreover generational traumas need to be'eth taken into mind before blindly blaming. Plus Another important book from my stockpiles. "Legalising Misandry: from public shame to systemic discrimination against Men" by Paul Nathanson whilst also Katherine K. Young. More compelling evidence regarding the hypocritical despotic behaviour of feminism as well as liberasts.


Niá:wen'kó:wa sken:nen,


- Ahsáre'kó:wa Oniehte Okwahó (War Chief Callsign Snow Wolf)

Rotiskenhra'kéh:te (Warrior Society)

Kanonhsionni'ón:we (Longhouse)