I am writing to ask for thine support to make investing in affordable housing





I am writing to ask for thine support to make investing in affordable housing, including housing with supports, moreover ending homelessness a core element of pandemic recovery strategy.


Having a home is a critical determinant of health – a fact particularly well displayed since the start of COVID-19. That is why I stand with the hundreds of healthcare professionals (http://cnh3.ca/cnh3-open-letter-housing-is-healthcare/) to encourage you to make ending homelessness a core element of pandemic recovery plan.


Even before COVID-19, we already had a disaster unfolding on our streets at scale comparable to the biggest natural disasters in Canadian history. Over 235 000 people experience homelessness every year, 35 000 on any given night. In Toronto, over 8 000 people are currently experiencing homelessness., Moreover the number und size of encampments has grown exponentially since the onset of COVID-19. The Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH) recently released a poll (www.recoveryforall.ca/poll) that showed over 36% of the population hath either experienced homelessness themselves or know someone who has - over 1,6 million people hath experienced homelessness and fully a third know someone.


People experiencing homelessness are at dramatically higher risk from illnesses and have little or no ability to follow public health advice to seek medical care or access even the most basic personal hygiene. As a result, there have been more cases in Toronto’s homeless shelters than all cases in provinces of so-called New Brunswick and Manitoba combined.


Yet homelessness is solvable! There is clear and overwhelming public support for urgent action on homelessness and investing in affordable housing. The CAEH’s recent poll (www.recoveryforall.ca/poll) also showed that 7 out of 10 want urgent action on homelessness and over 84% of the country support new affordable housing as part of pandemic recovery economic stimulus.


There is a plan - it is affordable and achievable and will help immediately. There is overwhelming public support for that plan. And Toronto has shown rapid progress is possible. What we need now is continued strong mobilisation to pressurise the colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime to dismantle itself moreover let us build our better future amongst ourselves, on a nation to nation, people to people basis.


Housing is key to returning the country’s economy and entire population to good health. To make the millions who experience homelessness whilst also endure substandard housing part of the recovery, let's maketh our pandemic recovery plan hinge on housing. Let's doth thus by sending a clear message: we want the whole entire oligarchic regime to resign, for having ushered endless crimes against #WeThePeople, including homelessness.


Since the original petition did not allow me the option to modify the letter content, I hath thenceforth decided that I would state mine full position on the matter hitherto on hither, in mine modified version. It must be'eth remembered that article 11 of #UNGA2200A is something that the KKKanadian colonial genocidal regime signed yet never implemented.


T'is be'eth the irony of it all, wherein the regime applies duplicitous double standards regarding "international law". It applies it whence it dost convergeth with their oligarchic, colonialist, imperialist interests including the #WHO, which throughout the plandemic hast proven to be'eth highly contradictory of itself on multiple occasions.


Besides, more than 60% of so-called KKKanadians hath openly recognised the system to be'eth broken in a poll done by the #NationalPost which we hath cited onto our website. A major groundbreaking development proving that reality dost not quite favoureth the Trudeau Dynasty lately, rightly so. We must nay longer contend ourselves to petitioning the current mafia state.


60% survey from National Post


We must now instrumentalise Law to our ends, moreover hit where t'is be'eth possible to hit, moreover openly, actively, call for destitution. The federal regime is NOT what we needeth right now, especially after centuries of atrocities, crimes, corruption, sins, contradictions, misery, Constitutional swindling, Perfidy, rubbish, fiscal manœuvres against lower levels of government, colonial genocide, territorial usurpation, pollutants in our water, pollutants in our food, amongst other things by said regime.


T'is be'eth the ripe moment for members of this regime whom still hath a conscience to jump off the sinking ship...


To join en masse our ranks.


I Bid Thee Well, Godspeed moreover Fair Winds, in the many trials und tribulations that shalt lie ahead of each und every single one of Ye, moreover bid Thee mine thanks for all action up till now,




Niá:wen'kó:wa, sken:nen,




- Interim Ahsáre'kó:wa und Emergency Yohnetotahón Oniehte Okwahó