Our Official Response to questions raised by The Credible Mohawk

Shékon, this is an open official response, as we believe in addressing everyone's concerns, everyone has the right to express their concerns to us

On this day, 28th of June 2020, I hath had an animated discussion with the main editor for The Credible Mohawk, a brother in arms in our struggle against the bloody nefarious perfidious decadent destructive nihilistic KKKanadian colonialist unconstitutional undemocratic régime entity, wherein he hast raised certain concerns that he had, moreover which turned out to be'eth nothing more than misunderstandings as to our intentions. Not long afterwards, a certain part-Québécois féminist troll came along to bombard me yet rather than giving me a chance to answer his originally legitimate questions he resorted to blocking me, behaving in the same manner that Justin Trudeau's KKKanadian kangaroo courts, as well as François Legault's CAQ hath behaved towards me in the past. It is now indeed the time to go into some clarifications regarding all misunderstandings, as well as regarding the Québécois's slandering.


The Credible Mohawk's Facebook post that commenced the discussion:


"Let it be known this person is not representative of the Haudenosaunee, the first way you can tell is that they have appointed themselves as a Chief, our titles rest with the women in the families, they are the ones who appoint the Chiefs. All too often agents infiltrate legitimate groups like we saw here in Tyendinaga where a Self Appointed warrior has appropriated a traditional Men's Council to manipulate for benefit while working with the colonial police forces (also tried to break down solidarity at the Wyman Road Camp in February 2020, footage can be seen on thecrediblemohawk.com"


My initial response:


You are not very aware of my role. I am not in charge of anything Haudenosaunee. I am a bridge with the rest of the population, a War Chief for the non Haudenosaunee to gather them around your banner. 


My answer to The Credible Mohawk's first follow-up question: "Who is it you are working with from the Confederacy"


Kanonhsionni'ón:we 207. In Kahnawake. We unilaterally decided to merge the former movement that I was in charge of, into their ranks, last year, after we had a fallout with mainstream Québec nationalists. I brought with me, every single other strategic ally that I had made over the years. Both here moreover worldwide. I am also involved in fights in other countries as well. See my website www.okwahopravda.ru to know the full details of our implications in France, in my birthplace Karukera, in Saudi Arabia in their opposition, etc


My answer to The Credible Mohawk's next question/statement: "Your post does imply that you are representitive of the Haudenosaunee, that is the concern."

In a sense I am. Because I am sort of a bridge ever since that merger. I am a Warrior for your cause, a Chief for the non Haudenosaunee, and a leader in other fights. It is a rare case however in my life, through the different circumstances, I got embroiled in way more stuff than you could imagine. Several governments want mine head, also. Including Trudeau's. I was detained and tortured twice here. Here I clearly defend Kaienerekowa. In Guadeloupe I defend what is traditionally Guadeloupe. In France I defend what must be supported in France. In KSA I support what genuine opposition there is. As well as elsewhere where I hath become a major voice or leader in. You are conflating a post that was meant entirely for circumstances elsewhere. However I can understand since I wrote it in French, perhaps you misunderstood it.


The Credible Mohawk replied to me with the following statements "I defend the peace too but never claim to be a Chief. I encourage you to do what you do, it's good. be humble" to which I thereafter hath thenceforth hitherto replied:


Technically with the tens of thousands of people I hold under my sway across the world moreover here too, I am literally like a head of military. We even got folks in CFB VC , CFB BGT to sympathise with and support the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Stéphane Dufresne one of my allies, a Métis too in his own right, of Quebecois Anishinabek Atikamekw bloodline ancestry, has also quietly done work to gather massive support through his own web of strategic allies, insiders, followers. I hath been given a role here to unite the non Haudenosaunee around you, moreover at the same time as being involved in high positions in other fights.


My response to the next questions/statements by The Credible Mohawk: "just wondering who from 207 appointed you and hung the name around your neck just so we're all aware... im all for your goals, just not sure of your support":


Urban Kanien'kéhá:ka living in Montréal in Pierrefonds gave me that name. As for 207, Kawennahénte Lynne Norton, her husband Frank, plus a dozen others there know me in person. In the Warriors several more know me in person and even more know me indirectly and online. I was at the Kahnawake Adirondack barricades. I got interviewed by Iranian PressTV by email. I came to the barricades to support with food and water from myself as well as from some of my own allies. At one point I did a whole morning/night shift alone to watch over. You hath my support guaranteed, from my allies too. As we always have, we shalt always continue. I also have a whole array of lawyers, constitutionalists, plus three insiders in the UN, one of whom has a sister in the Somali military as Lieutenant Colonel moreover with whom I exchanged ideas regarding her country, telling her to adopt Qadhafi's Green Book as best path to restore her country on its feet. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, India I got several lieutenants, colonels with whom I got good relations.

In Putin's government I got hundreds of allies in key positions. I. Iran, Syria al Assad, Houthi Yemen, Donetsk People's Republic, Lugansk People's Republic, DPR Korea, China, Vietnam, Serbia, FLN ruled Algeria, amongst other places too I got strategic friends. In France one of my biggest dissident allies is Alain Soral. I communicate regularly with him on VK, his FB got deleted. He is amongst those besides mineself as well as others whom hath had major influence, leading role in organising Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) protests in France.


My comments targeting general audience to introduce them to read the threads of my exchanges with The Credible Mohawk:


Certain things have been clarified in the comments section.

Read away. Ask questions as needed.

The Kanonhsionni'ón:we 207 in Kahnawake is aware of us. Several Warriors in Kahnawake too. As well as in Kanehsata:ke.

Even in the MCK, where at least two chiefs there are my friends.

Amongst the Quebecois my biggest achievement was to converge with Martine Ouellet.

Amongst the Métis here, my biggest achievement is Stéphane Dufresne.

Moreover we are in the task of gathering non Haudenosaunee around the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.


Not every civilisation is the same.


Not every country is the same.


I definitely support traditional Haudenosaunee Kaienerekowa, the original semi-matrilineal (semi because from reading Karoniaktajeh as well as Kaienerekowa I notice that the Warriors are just as important so objectively I take it as semi-matrilineal). However keep in mind my roots, in Karukera are different. That does not reduce my respect for the Haudenosaunee ways.


I support what is traditional here. However in my birthplace, land of my mother's part Okwehón:we Kalinago-Carib ancestors, as well as Russia, of part of my father's ancestors, we got our own ways. They are all just as valid. To each nation their own traditions. Putin is doing a good job in Russia. Moreover so forth.

Karukera, I am handling it there, its my land, my people, our UPLG militia there is taking care. In the 1980s they already did barricades.

In KSA, France I am also involved as a major figure for the revolutionary and Traditionalist, anti imperialist nationalist movements there. Alain Soral is one of my main allies in France. In KSA one of our top allies besides my fallen original girlfriend Princess Jawaher al-Saud, is former Saudi General M Dakheel al Qahtani. He left the military to organise the APLM in 2014.

Furthermore another evidence that I am deranging for the colonists here is the numerous other injustices they wrought unto me in the past, plus my fallout with François Legault's CAQ last year. I joined their party to try to convince them to join forces with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, as well as others, including my own folks, however Legault, after keeping me in his party for four months, kicked me out. Besides having been tortured, traumatised in Bordeau by Justin Trudeau's Gestapo ish loyalists, besides having signed on to a compromise deal that gagged my rights for two years. He cowardly hid behind Brigitte Legault to let me know of that arbritrary decision done without giving me the right to defend myself. No better than KKKanadian kangaroo courts. All my advice that I left them over phone to the numbers they gave me at first, was ignored. I was asked to never talk with them again later.

I was thrown out just as Yves Michaud got kicked out of the PQ under Lucien Bouchard.

Moreover that is just the tip of the iceberg.

NEVER conflate mine case with others.

It's just NOT comparable.


This is all I had to sayeth to The Credible Mohawk's main editor, brother in arms in the common cause to emancipate the land, moreover dethrone the colonialists.


Now I doth not feel the need to recite everything that the Québécois liberal told to me in my exchanges with him before he blocked me before I could respond, the job hast already been accomplished, realised, materialised through mine screenshots which art up in the aforementioned introductory slideshow of all those said conversations. All I shalt doth now, I put hitherto mine responses to what he said, followed by a further elaboration that I was not given the chance to add into mine exchanges with him:


Those are my origins by blood. Nothing confusing there. I would come back to Guadeloupe/Karukera to lead my people there in due time in the Great and Glorious National Awakening*. Doth not utilise translation you confuse yourself more than you would if you had just asked me. The Page Okwahó Pravda is our periodical whose main objective is to rally the non Haudenosaunee around you, whilst also continuing to defend our fights elsewhere. The main fight I am involved in is the Haudenosaunee fight because right now I am here. It is the fight I hath done the most behind the scenes groundwork for, besides my other main ones. What was formerly a QC nationalist movement that I had, became simply a branch, a chapter, of the Rotiskenhra'kéh:te for non Haudenosaunee ranks. With my work, we can easily overpower the colonial unconstitutional undemocratic regime. I also did thorough work on debunking its "constitutionality". Many people in Guadeloupe/Karukera are mixed with Kalinago-Carib roots including my mother's mother. This is about another fight. The Kalinago-Carib ancestors of my mother, they art not matriarchical. I am NOT anti-ladies neither. The Kalinago-Carib were simply just not matriarchal, that is all. What is here is here, what is over there is over there. Matrilineal ≠ féminism. Those are two different things also. The former is where a society considers one to be'eth a part of it above all if one hast their blood via the biological mother, as is the case with the Haudenosaunee, or certain roles where the ladies can act as neutral observers against corruption, or hath a certain level of say, as are the Clan Mothers.


The latter (feminism) is a colonialist obfuscation to corrupt as well as distort the former, whilst also furthermore to divide-to-conquer, divide-to-rule, by pitting the Ladies against the Men. There are indeed problematic obfuscations amongst certain women as much as it is the case amongst certain men. However furthermore, not all Native Okwehon:we hath the same structures. Mine Kalinago-Carib Native ancestors were traditionally father-oriented, patriarchal in their own manner. This dost NOT diminish the qualities of both respective peoples traditionally however. We hath the same blood, even if I am a Métis without being 100% pure in none of my biological origins (Russian, Calabrese, Italian, German, Occitan French, North African, Sub-Saharan African, Native Kalinago-Carib, Hindi, Asian, Irish, Scottish) from mine parent's ancestors. I am twelve origins at the onset thenceforth it is not so simple for mineself to place mineself. I am not pure blooded in none of mine origins, having fractions/percentages of bloodline as well as ancestry in each of them, however I doth indeed identify mineself as being Russian whilst also Kalinago-Carib above all out of all of mine origins. Hither (here, in Shakespearean/Biblican Middle Olde English, mine writing style) in KKKanadian-occupied Kanien'kéha:keh, I identify mineself as being Québécois, Haudenosaunee by political affiliation, by solidarity, by my involvement in the struggles here. Regarding the MMIWG, MMIMB (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men and Boys), like thou (you), I DENOUNCETH what is happening. So doth our ranks.


However there are also men that art systematically persecuted by the liberal feminist straight-bashing agenda as much as by the colonialist agenda. Just in so-called "Canada", we got more than 25% of all incarcerated folks being most Native, Métis Men in addition to Ladies from all walks! Amongst Québécois there are Men that get falsely charged by manipulative corrupted ladies, some of whose cases I know of personally by speaking to them as well as their lawyers. In other countries there are also similar such cases, with France, USA, Britain, Germany, Sweden in addition to the Zionist régime entity "Israel" being amongst the worst such cases of systemic or systematic misandry. At the onset I am AGAINST BOTH feminism AS MUCH AS I AM AGAINST extreme bashing towards ladies. THERE ALSO EXIST LADIES THAT DENOUNCETH FEMINISM, including those amongst the sources I hath cited below, as well as others such as Naomi Seibt, or our Syrian Patriotic colleague in arms Mimi al-Laham of comrade Bashar Al-Assad's Syrian Arab Republic. They too doth DENOUNCETH feminism. I am against misandry as much as I am against misogyny. Moreover the colonialist "patriarchy" of one, is NOT the patriarchy of others. There existeth many types of patriarchies in the world whom are NOT fitting of the demonising, slandering, misandric descriptions given by the feminist camp.


The Iranian Muslim, Russian Orthodox, whilst also traditional Kalinago-Carib patriarchies are the ideal patriarchal models in my eyes, moreover they work perfectly over there, in perfect harmonious compatibility with the natural roots. The Haudenosaunee Confederacy hast been traditionally semi-matrilineal, however is NOT like the virulent man-hating straight-bashing feminists of today's Western liberal-libertarian-nihilistic revisionist charlatan "antifa" "left" of postmodernity. It should furthermore be'eth noted that in the Soviet Union, whilst feminism was seen as a divisive ideology, ladies were nonetheless respected under the "oh so evil" male-led communist Orthodox pluralist Russian-oriented Eurasian model. Likewise, historically, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy had always respected manhood, ladyhood, childhood innocence, traditional hunting-warrior-chieftain-fishing-husbandry-fatherly roles for the men, traditional gathering-farming-motherhood-housewife roles for the ladies, with the additional concept of Kawennahénte'ro:non, or Clan Mothers. "Gender" ideology did NOT exist, au contraire, this hast been thoroughly debunked by several sources of intelligent people including Alain Soral, Alain de Benoist, Éric Zemmour, Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi's Green Book...


Dr. Michelle Cretella, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Dr. Anna Gihchkina, Dr. Galima Galiullina, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, dissident French scientist Jacques Testart (major dissident against GPA-PMA, against "gender", against endocrine disruptors), Mahmoud Saborjhian Ahmadinejad, Sheikh Imran Hosein, René Guénon, Dr. Judith Reisman, Dr. Ariane Bilheran, French historian Marion Sigaut, amongst others, thoroughly denounceth "gender", as well as the liberal debauchery agenda, moreover we shalt go into this in detail some other time. However their sources are easily findable, including their podcasts, video lectures, interviews, in addition to well-researched well-documented books or essays, all of which I hath in mine personal hands in mine home too. As for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, I rely solely upon reading Kaienerekowa, from reading the Warrior Handbook, both in their proper form by Ahsáre'kó:wa Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall, in order for me to properly hath as best an informed view as I can muster, alongside the Tekeni Teiohate Kayoni (Two-Row Wampum). Yes, indeed, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy historically always respected Manhood, NEVER denigrated it. So why the obfuscations, why also would some be'eth uncertain of our support?


In Saudi Arabia, it is the Khomeini Iranian Muslim patriarchal pluralist revolutionary conservative model, alongside its nationalism (rehashed thence combined with Arab anti-Zionist nationalism as well as tricontinental Arab socialism inspired from Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi, Hafez and Bashar al-Assad, Field Marshal Abdelfattah al-Ismail, General Gamal Abdel Nasser, Colonel Houari Boumédiène, amongst others) moreover unique form of socialism, plus inspiration from other models, as well as from our own ideas, that guide how myself, alongside my former original (yet unfortunately fallen, martyred) girlfriend Princess Jawaher benta (daughter of) Abdullah Abdulaziz Abderrahman bin Faisal bin Turki ibn al-Saud, in addition to martyred Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, as well as the Arabian Peninsular Liberation Movement led by our still-alive main strategic ally General M. Dakheel al-Qahtani, want to change Saudi Arabia, once the current Wahhabi takfiri regime is dethroned by the Arabian people. In France, we work with Alain Soral, Alain de Benoist, Youssef Hindi, Antigones, Gilets Jaunes.


We also work with others in France, including some of whom I hath already mention earlier in this article, or previously mentioned elsewhere. I have always been anti féminist. Check my posts from years ago. Nothing changed. I am NOT however endorsing what the "incels" doth. I am AGAINST them too. Gab the part-Québécois troll blocked my page without letting me refute his allegations. No, if we embark upon liberal feminism we doth endanger our standings. I hath seen some of the most insane excesses of the most extremely vile feminists, equivalents of the incels amongst their ranks. Especially FEMEN, "Pussy Riot" etc. In Neo-Nazi, liberal post-modern so-called "Ukraine" they are particularly vile. Such feminist hate groups only foster reciprocal reactions. They also destabilise Russia. Thence in the meantime in the USA, there exist cases of women there too falsely calling the police on Men with trumped up charges. By the time those things are cleared out, those Men see their lives destroyed, reputations tarnished. We denounce injustices wherever we see them. That is all. 


In the meantime we must also realise just how threatening the Western liberal agenda is, being nothing more than the other side of the same Western European expansionist, exceptionalist, hypocritical, morally absurd coin. The other side being of course, the Vatican-oriented, "white people's burden", "civilising mission" types, with their eugenics, racism, fascism, social Darwinism, Malthusianism, amongst other vile such things. However whence we look at all forms of Western imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, capitalism, fascism, neo-conservatism (id est charlatan conservatism in my books, or Perfidious Albion's brand of "conservatism"), eugenics ("scientific" racism), social Darwinism, Malthusianism, fascism, "white people's burden", "civilising mission", "humanitarian interventionism", Trotskyism, feminism, neoliberalism, globalisation, etcetera... they resulted from two things: the Vatican-oriented evangelical expansionism as much as from the original roots of all post-modern, modernist Western European mainstream mindsets: id est, liberalism. Adam Smith commenced this trend. As for the original communist concept of "internationalism", well, as the Great Soviet Patriotic Nostradamus that Stalin was put it eloquently in November 1952, "the liberal bourgeois hath evolved in several ways...", indeed they hath, moreover they usurped, hijacked "internationalism" as originally conceived by Marx, to morph into some new capitalist-led obfuscation called "globalism" or "globalisation". In the meantime, the revisionist, charlatan, postmodernity "left", came up with their obfuscation, called "alter-globalisation".


Pierre Dubuc in his book "L'Autre Histoire de l'Indépendance du Québec" ("The Other History of Québec's independence"), put up some interesting yet disconcerting facts regarding KKKanadian federalist false flag operations as well as infiltration operations. He is not the only such source whom had the courage to dig into those facts, I hath consulted dozens of other sources on this regard. Even Alex Jones says that the CSIS are the best infiltrators, although on other subjects, I may NOT ALWAYS AGREE with Mr Jones. If we got to where we are today, with a charlatan "left", a liberalised, Anglicised mainstream "right-wing", as well as centrist nihilism, the "incels", the "antifas", the "FEMEN", amongst others, it is because the SCRS/CSIS factions loyal to the colonial mafia state, hath made it thus. If for example, the man-woman divide hast gotten to such an asinine nefarious point that they art voting against each other in elections, it is not quite difficult to fathom my point. Mr Contradictions Justin Trudeau's regime succeeded in swindling, in dividing the people, in corrupting the people, moreover the people fell for it en masse! Rather than denouncing the real issues we got in this artificial colonial entity, the people hath reduced themselves into either misandry or lady-bashing or straight-bashing altogether. Rather than tackle the endocrine disruptors (which by the way hath been around sime time immemorial all the way back to Ancient Rome whose fall resembles much of what the so-called "West" hast become today, whether in "Old" Western Europe or in "North America"), the people swallow "gender" propaganda at face value, preferring to believeth in that myth rather than look at the actual reality behind all of this. This is the major problem in this colonial entity.


We hath been reduced to emasculated "political correctness". YES, it is possible to be'eth authentically politically incorrect let alone truthfully frank as I am, whilst doing thus in a cordial manner, lest provoked. Hitherto I doth not quite comprehend the logic of avoiding the discussions of the real things, or "les vrais affaires" as they sayeth in Québécois French expressions. Regarding the plots of pitting men as well as women against one another, this is the latest wanton antic, in a long history of such wanton antics, in political games between the liberal big whig colonialists whilst also the Tory big whigs, moreover the other mainstream Greens, NDP, etcetera. The NDP hast proven capable of such in the scandal uncovered in BC. In conclusion, we must, as sacred duty, riseth above those obfuscations, those nefarious designs, unite as one, return to our straight human nature, return to our respective roots, return to genuine ideals, in addition to materialise thenceforth a proper, clean struggle against the KKKanadian colonial unconstitutional undemocratic mafia state.


This is all I had to say to Gab Forbin. As for the Haudenosaunee struggle, we help mostly on re-information, ideological, allies-gaining, intelligence-gathering, constitutional research levels. We also mobilise in rallies amongst other actions. We shalt not doth beyond that lest the Haudenosaunee Confederacy explicitly tells us to doth more. In our other struggles, however, we are profoundly, more deeply involved, in Karukera (Guadeloupe), in France, in Saudi Arabia, so forth.


Sources regarding liberast KKKanadian infiltration of the Wet'suwet'en whilst also charlatan-mainstream-postmodern "conservative" infiltration of #Tyendinaga:


https://www.martlet.ca/wetsuweten-matriarchal-coalition-funded-by-b-c-coastal-gaslink-to-divide-and-conquer/?fbclid=IwAR2ca2oQPQ6iq-M1NUBUCs-t19axByImewF_eWyEygj8AtBl-wjlzZfa4cA (PDF) (Yandex browser PDF format)

https://www.thecrediblemohawk.com/post/sha-tekatenton-eye-saw-it-all?fbclid=IwAR1b2I8PvbY9WZm6HyeqyE5Pv_rtI7if_bg6RcXPpILV41LrA6D5hrQyclw (PDF)


Sources regarding Patriarchal Kalinago-Carib structures:


https://www.culturalsurvival.org/publications/cultural-survival-quarterly/caribs-dominica-land-rights-and-ethnic-consciousness (PDF) (PDF)

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https://topreceitas.com.br/bdiizi/lcrl.php?os=kalinago-religion (archived copy)


Sources regarding 25% of incarcerations:


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Some Sources regarding misandry:


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"Alain Soral détruit les féministes" (Alain Soral destroys feminists) - video radio podcast by Alain Soral in response to a question asked by one of his fellow followers in France

"Le Premier Sexe" ("The First Sex") - book by Éric Zemmour, another one of our allies in France

"La Sociologie du Hardeur: pour une résistance contre la pornographie" ("The Sociology of the Hard, for a resistance against pornography") - book by Darbois Lounès

"Fragrans feminae: sur la gynécocratie" ("Fragrans feminae: on the gynecocracy") - book by Félix Niesche

- Plus Anedoctes from people I hath talked to, in addition to court cases I hath analysed

https://sos-misandrie.org/SexismeInstitutionnalise.html (PDF)

http://la-cause-des-hommes.com/spip.php?article232 (PDF)























































Survey by EKOS pointing to the increasingly concerning electoral divide pitting ladies moreover men against each other


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- Ahsáre'kó:wa Oniehte Okwahó
Rotiskenhra'kéh:te - Montreal non-Haudenosaunee Allied Chapter