To be'eth or not to be'eth "Anti-Semitic"

I am a ferocious Anti-Zionist, pro #Palestine, the media in Mtl demonised me in 2017 calling me "anti-S&mitic" by referring to me by mine other name amongst other slanders they did against me. I already refuted their crap in a public response I wrote the other time. Moreover, Zionists automatically lose credibility in Jewish jurisprudence for violating the principals that it's not the Jews that can claim to create a "promised land" anywhere. They hath to get it on "judgement day" otherwise it is a huge sin before their own interpretation of God. The Zionists hath thenceforth violated Jewish religious laws too. Dr. Yakov M Rabkin, a Jewish ally of ours in Mtl, hast exposed this in length in a book he wrote that I hath in French on that matter. The English equivalent to the French title "Au Nom du Torah: une histoire d'opposition juive au sionisme", "In the Name of the Torah: history of Jewish opposition against Zion".


Another huge sin they committed is continuing their tradition of supporting Nazis (Professor Lenni Brenner in London extensively provided evidence for this in his two books on the matter, although he is not educated on other matters regarding USSR like Grover Furr is, yet that is all right, what's important is Brenner exposed the Zionists), wherein they got caught red-handed arming, training, backing, financing Ukrainian Nazis since 2014 Maidan."Israeli" lawyer Eitay Mack is launching a major lawsuit against the Zionist régime entity, suing their regime for violating their own colonial "laws", which strictly forbid such State support to "openly anti-Semitic regimes". Similarly, one of our lawyers, Daniel Turp, is suing Trudeau for violating E-19/C-47, which forbids Ottawa from arming the very bloody nefarious despots that they hath been supposed to NOT arm according to the provisions of those laws.


Ottawa passed it to look good on paper. In practice, they hath been even more imperialist than the USA, yet behind the scenes most of the time, with leaks coming out after the fact, sometimes decades after a wrongdoing from their régime. "Canada" is not the US puppet. In fact, even as it plays that game at times, whilst being an unconstitutional part of the British Empire, it is in fact running it's own subtle yet lethal empire. The Trudeaus are the prime architects of that real evil empire.


As for the Zionists, they are already collapsing over aforementioned scandals moreover over Florida. Laura Loomer, Trump's Jewish ally in Florida, announced on Parler the other day that AIPAC, ADL, threw her away, so did other lobbies. They are waging a campaign of demonisation against her. In "Israel" itself, Eitay Mack, Stav Shafir, Breaking the Silence amongst military peeler ranks, HADASH, Maki, etcetera are brewing a political storm. Mass protests over Bibi's covidian despotism, etcetera too.


I am thenceforth ANTI-ZIONIST NOT "ANTI-S&MITIC". We must also OPPOSETH UND DENOUNCETH "gender" obfuscations as well as the situation of endocrine disruptors.


T'is be'eth TRUE however that I am AGAINST liberast asinine nefarious obfuscations including debauchery amongst other such vices. Moreover I hath ENOUGH EVIDENCE, ARGUMENTS that PROVE ME CORRECT in denouncing the agendas that hath swindled so many weak suggestive obfuscated minds, besides those whom debunk the liberast rubbish, moreover scientists exposing endocrine disruptors in the water. As for the "T"-word, that is obviously fake news. As for those whom refuseth to recognise mine REAL semi #KalinagoCarib #IslandCarib ancestry of mine biological mother moreover whom also doth shamelessly demoniseth me in other ways, or twist the facts, they are #fakenews too.


On-going anti-Zionist Jewish resistance against Bibi's despotic covidian measures:


In 2011, the so-called israelis were doing it right in hundreds of thousands. There's just one or two problems however. Firstly, their movement did not achieve its goals because it went too much into the "reformist" approach. That approach is what checkmated their 2011 protests against the Zionist régime entity. Secondly, they got swindled by the mainstream, liberast, charlatan postmodern "left", which is also, as we know, rubbish. In order to smite asunder the shackles, to smite asunder into smithereens the matrix, there is only one solution, one path: a convergence of Anti-Zionist Jewish Orthodox traditionalists, with a GENUINE Anti-Revisionist Proletariat.


Furthermore, they MUST WORK ALONGSIDE #PALESTINE's Rejectionist Front political forces. T'is be'eth the ONLY WAY for them to crush the Zionist régime entity, alongside help from military, peeler mutineering. Palestinians must mobilise the Ba'athists, Nasserists, Anti-Revisionist communists, Khomeinist traditionalists amongst others prepared to taketh the struggle to the bloody hilt if needed, without backing down. #BreakingTheSilence is an exquisite step forward. Now I am also glad to see that the anti-covidian protests are going according to plan, #StavShafir (#סְתָיושָׁפִיר) is amongst the more recent protests.


Updates on that regard can be'eth found on her social media. Bibi Nutcaseyahoo's popularity is finally plummeting, whilst the colonial masses finally realise that they are now being treated with the same bullshit gobshite... That the Zionist régime entity was treating Palestinians with, for nearly a century without end, to this bloody day. Let alone the Zionist support for "Hamas" for that matter, which is heavily proven as well... I am hopeful, that as part of the GENUINE reconciliation, the aforementioned Revolt shalt materialise. An Anti-Zionist, Anti-Liberal, Anti-Colonialist, Anti-Globalist, Anti-Covidian Revolutionary Conservative Uprising. FREE FREE PALESTINE! From River to Sea, Palestine shalt be'eth FREE tabernak!


Sources of consideration, some food for thought mates:


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- Mossad with Hamas, 1973 War

- Updated 25th March 2021: Résistance against the Zionist régime entity's 2020-present covidian despotism even amongst Israelis hast increased! Video link hither! T'is be'eth further an advancement partially inspired from our recent decrees regarding enforcing freedom of movement regardless of the covidian despotism's measures in place by certain regimes (1,2)